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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Durant Ladies' Day Tea

Saturday my daughter and I were privileged to attend a Ladies' Day Tea in Durant, Oklahoma. The theme for the event was "We Are Sisters", and I had been invited to be the guest speaker.

Sharing God's Word with a room full of sweet sisters in Christ is just the greatest blessing! It was something I had been looking forward to for several months. I'm thankful my daughter tagged along, as well. 

The ladies of the Northwest church of Christ did a great job planning for their annual event.  Several ladies signed up to help decorate tables and other parts of the room, others helped prepare food, some invited friends and neighbors, some sent out invitations, and still others prepared special favors for all of the guests.  One sister provided all of the teacups for the least 70 of them!   
I want to share some of the pictures with you of the decorated tables.  The women who decorated a table had an opportunity to share about their table towards the end of the event. 

This table was decorated in honor of a project called "Sit and Sew" where church ladies, as well as ladies from the community can get together and sew.
Table runners with the theme embroidered across the edge.  The small sewing machine was given to this sister by her parents when she was little.
Another decorated table with the theme "all things girl-y and pink"!  So cute and so sweet!
This table was filled with many gifts that had been received from secret sisters this particular women had had over the years.  Each gift had a special meaning to her and she honored their friendship in Christ.
A table decorated in the theme of "Sisters" - biological sisters, as well as sisters in Christ. It had a special book called "Sisters" on display, as well as family photos.

Birds were the theme of this table.  Sixty percent of the birds were this ladies' mothers, who has since passed away. 
One of the birds was dated to the 1920's.  It was a beautiful table!
This was the table where my daughter and  I sat.  This whole table was decorated in red and black because it was the table decorator's favorite colors.  Very elegant!
The embroidered napkins and napkin rings were the favors given to each guest in attendance.  How special!
As the speaker, I was also given a special quilted and embroidered wall hanging.  Thank you, sweet Christian sisters in Durant!  I love it!
And....what would a Ladies' Day Tea be without food?????  Well, it would have still been special, but the food was absolutely delicious!  Doesn't it look pretty?  I have posted one of the recipes on my family recipe blog (click here) and will post the others in the next few weeks.
And, of course, dessert!!  Many of those recipes will be posted, as well.
"We Are Sisters" - indeed.  As Christians, the blood of Jesus unites as sisters.  That bond we share is special. 

Thank you, God, for sisters!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like a fun event!

Anonymous said...

Lori- A BIG Thank you to you and your daughter for coming to Durant and spending your Saturday with us. My sister and I really enjoyed your lesson. it was very inspiring and made me think about our "sisters" among us and the different personalities they have, along with those "pre-conceived" notions we sometimes label others. I saw myself in one of your descriptions of women ... enlightening!!! Have a wonderful and blessed day :)

Barbara O'Steen

Lori said...

It really was, Robin!

Barbara - Thank you for your comment. We really enjoyed spending the day with you all, too. Thank you all for having me.

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