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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Special Surprises

Gratituesday is hosted by Heavenly Homemakers. Please take the time to read Laura's post (here) today. You will be uplifted by her story about a special blessing from God!

"Special Surprises":
Last week we celebrated our 21st anniversary. I wrote about that here. But today I want to tell you about a special surprise that happened that day.

Early the morning of our anniversary, our daughter got up and decorated the dining room with this anniversary banner she had made several days before. She put a white tablecloth on the table and set the table with the nicer dishes. My husband had given me two vases of flowers (roses and an assorted mixture) and she used those for the centerpiece.

For lunch I had planned on cheeseburgers, but we went ahead and ate at the fancily-set table with the nice white tablecloth! The kids were especially excited for their dad to get home at noon for lunch so we could open our anniversary card from them. When we opened it, we found two gift cards to two different restaurants. Now, we live in a town of about 900 people, so the gift cards are, of course, for out of town use. In fact, one of the cards can only going to be used an hour and fifteen minutes away or further! So, they've bascially told us to "get lost" for a while, don't you think? (Ha! Ha!) We will use them, just as soon as baseball games are over in a few weeks.

All four children had gone together and pooled their money to treat us on our anniversary! It was so sweet and so special. It was quite a sacrifice for them to give up that much of their money, but they were so excited to have done it for us.

Thank you, Lauren, Zachary, Jacob, and Tyler for your special surprise for us! We love you very much.

Devotional thought: How can you surprise someone by treating them to something special? It doesn't have to cost much money. How about calling someone just to say hello? Send a note to someone to let them know you are thinking about them or how special they are to you. Take the time today to "Shine Like Stars"!

Have a great day!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

that's so cool! My kids have never done anything like that! I'm trying not to be jealous!

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