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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Learning Something New

Last week Biscuit worked and worked on learning something new.

He was so excited when he finally figured out how to do it!

Yes, Biscuit learned how to blow a bubble! It was something he had been working on for a while and he finally got it down. Of course, the bubble didn't stay too long. I had to snap a picture of it really fast, but he did it!

Learning something new is fun, isn't it? This summer the three oldest children and I have a daily Bible reading schedule. I found it on the internet, but it's not in any particular order. This reading is in addition to our family devotional time where we read a Bible story each evening. It has been so neat to hear the kiddos come and say, "Mom, I didn't know this part of the story!". I'm the same way. You may be, too. Every time I read from God's Word, even though it may be a story I've read over and over, I always learn something new.

I have a challenge for you: Try to learn something new every day. Maybe it's something from God's Word. Maybe it's learning how to serve God in a different way by discovering a hidden talent you didn't know you had or might have been afraid to try and use. Maybe it's reaching out to someone and learning something new about them that you never knew before. Whatever it is - try to learn something new each and every day. In doing so you will "Shine Like Stars"!

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