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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lauren's 21st Birthday Party - Opening the Time Capsule

It's over, but I haven't taken down the decorations.  I think I'll leave them up just a few more days.  The party is over, but the fun memories remain!
We celebrated Lauren's birthday with a Minnie Mouse them, at Lauren's request.  I didn't want it kiddie looking, but just pretty.  She picked hot pink over red, so the sugar cookies were ordered in that fashion. A friend of ours has a business in Wichita Falls, TX, so if you're interested, I can give you more information.
My mother-in-law make Lauren's birthday cake.  She's probably made almost all of her cakes, though I remember making a few of them (very few!) and ordering one!
Lauren was excited!  This is the 21st party I have decorated for this sweet girl, but it's the LAST ONE! Ha ha!!  We will have a party for her next year, if she desires, but she knows that this was the last "big" one where we decorate and invite everyone....(though for a free meal, the family might still come :) ).
Isn't it strange how things go so quickly when days and nights sometime seem slow?  Twenty years ago, at Lauren's first birthday party, we made her a Time Capsule that was to be opened when she turned 21. I got the idea from my sister-in-law, Robin.  She had done this for her children.  But this 20 years went fast!  That first birthday party really doesn't seem long ago, though other things seem longer.  I guess special times do tend to seem not so long ago.
This note from her grandma came with a locket.  It told about the locket and how old it and the chain were.
My sis-in-law did something special by putting everything that Lauren's cousin's had been doing on her envelope.  She also put a picture, a little note written by she and her husband, and some colorings done by her small (at that time) children.
Lauren got letters from her great-grandparents, who are no longer living.  That was special and really neat to be hand-written. This note was from her dad's grandmother.  She included a $2 bill and a newspaper note about the changes coming to money.  Her grandpa also gave her $100, which looked fake compared to the money today (which really looks fake!).
This letter was from an uncle who was a Postmaster.  It was neat reading it with him right in the room that day!  How special!  He included a stamp.  They've sure gone up!
One set of great-grandparents gave her a card explaining the meaning of her name and this birthstone angle.  They've both passed away, so it was extra-special seeing this special memento and his writing.
This was Lauren's most special gift - an engagement ring one of her great-grandpa's gave to her great-grandma, who she never knew, but resembles in pictures.  He wrote a letter, which made us cry.  It is 75 years old!

I have to admit that since Lauren opened her time capsule, I've been tempted to want to peek into the boys' and see what's there!  I have been tempted, but I won't do it. I want to be surprised along with them, some day, if that day comes when they turn 21.  That will be special, just like this was.  And it will be here before we know it.....

Another thing I gave her at this birthday party was all of the birthday letters and blog posts I've written about her.  Each year I wrote her a letter (hand written many years, then these posts). I can't find a few of the years, but hopefully some day I will!  

Happy birthday, Lauren!  We are so very thankful that God gave us to you and allowed us the opportunity to be your parents. We are thankful that He is molding you and using you for His good purpose.  Continue to walk in His way and let Him direct your paths.  Love, Mom

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sure she loved it! Special times.

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