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Monday, November 10, 2014

Senior Class Cook-Off Challenge

Friday night was such a fun night! Our Senior boy had his class over for a "Cook-Off Challenge".  He was one of the team captains.  One of the girls was the other captain.  They decided to compete boys vs. girls.  
There were 12 out of 20 classmates at the challenge, so a good group!
 My husband and I went with them to shop. The tiny nearby grocery store wasn't sure what was going on seeing 12 teens in a race to shop and a crazy mom trying to get it all captured with her camera!!
 The two captains had decided on Italian food. I had gathered some of the supplies already, but we wanted to make sure they had to actually shop for quite a bit of it.
 It was a great experience for them!
 Some weren't used to purchasing food to this degree!  And none us remembered where to buy the yeast - in the refrigerated section (I didn't even remember that's where it was kept at this store!).
 These two girls were checking the prices on the meat. Good for them going for the cheapest packaging option!  There was a sale on the big 10 pound package of ground beef!
My husband stood at the front to buy their "goods".
 A stop outside of the store for a group photo and then it was time to get busy!
 The girls went to one house - the boys were at our house.  The girls made lasagna....
 ....steamed squash and zucchini, and lemon cupcakes.
 Samantha did great on her food and guiding her team!
 The boys made corn fritters, meatballs, spaghetti with spaghetti sauce, Fettucine Alfredo, cheese breadsticks, green beans and salad.  We've laughed about J standing in the chair to grate the Parmesan cheese! He told his mom he needed a better angle!
 R was getting into the pizza crust dough :).
 And this picture is worth a thousand words....and a huge science experiment....and a prayer of thanksgiving....all of which we won't share.  The Seniors will always remember this night, however!
 The corn fritters were great!
 The meatballs - I heard - had too much pepper in some place and not much in others. Each boy blamed the other one for the bad mixing! Ha ha!
 Who can go wrong when you used Olive Garden dressing???
 This is the lemon glaze for the cupcakes. They were delicious!  The glaze looks like Alfredo sauce!
 Steamed veggies....
 ...cheezy bread sticks....
 ...the finished cupcakes....
 green beans....noodles....

We deemed the meal a success and a tie. It was really hard to judge two different meals. We decided the next challenge had to be the same foods.  The kids had a BLAST and can't wait to do it all again!

Thanks to them for allowing us to be a part of their lives this year.  We're having fun hosting them. They're making memories and getting to know one another at a different level for this final year of high school.

Great job, chefs!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

sounds like a yummy challenge! I bet you have people lining up to be judges!

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