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Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Snowfall of the School Year!

The snow began falling on Sunday morning during worship. We were so excited! It was so pretty! I had to take a picture of my new little tree in it's first snowfall.  It's cute, huh?! :)
 And then seeing snow on the pumpkins is always fun!
 Zachary put on his ski cap to go feed the goats.  It's all white/grey/brown except for that bright thing!
My old pickup saw its first snowfall, too, but by the time I got this picture, it didn't show too much!
It showed a little more early Sunday afternoon.
The boys were extremely excited when they heard we weren't having school the next day! I know it wasn't a lot of snow, but the roads were slick early Monday morning, and who knew the sun would come out and melt it away quickly?  (God)  And every other school around us was closed, so it was best.
 They played outside....rode the 4-wheeler...
...rode the sled...
 ...just had fun!
 And that afternoon Tyler even "swept" the snow off of the front shorts.... he and his brother could play football!!  

What a fun time it was for the first snowfall of this school year! We look forward to more!  Well, the boys and I do.  My daughter and husband don't. :)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

So funny to be sweeping the shorts!

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