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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Chronicles of Biscuit: Rocket Scientists

On the forth day of the new school year, after getting  into the vehicle every other day after school and being okay with the new school year, Biscuit was different.  He sighed as soon as he got in.  I asked Biscuit what was wrong.  It seemed that one of his relative-teachers (and of his six teachers, four are relatives) had gotten upset with him.  I asked why, and he replied, "Well, I left my paper in my locker.  It seems like she expects us to be rocket scientists!"  Holding back the laughter, I replied, "I don't think she expects you to be a rocket scientist, but I do think she expects you to be a responsible 6th grader!".  

It's not high expectations that are a problem for Biscuit, it's the 4th Child Syndrome that I believe should be a legally noted, insurance-approved diagnosis.  I'm certain it's real. (I have proof, you know!?)

By the time this same story was relayed to his dad, Biscuit had changed the story from rocket scientist to something a little more down to earth (pun intended)!  

Biscuit had to apologize to his teacher-relative, and actually I did, too, because although I had signed her class note, I hadn't even read it! If I had read it, I would have known he needed a pocket folder for her two classes.  Of course, Biscuit hadn't read it either.  Wonder where he gets that trait?? :) Hmmmmm......

As with any area of life, the key to being prepared is being organized.  The pocket folders (now in Biscuit's backpack for ALL of his classes, whether required or not) will keep Biscuit ready for all of his 6th grade classes.  We may just get Biscuit pocket folders for other things, too.  There's a great idea!

I remember when our oldest was in 1st grade.  I would wonder, "Is she responsible enough?"  I didn't have anything to compare her to, so I just figured that she was normal....organizationally speaking.... but then the oldest son/child #2 entered 1st grade, and I realized she wasn't as responsible and organized as she could have been.  And then came #3 and #4....all with different personalities and talents....organization skills varied from child to child.  None are rocket scientists, by the way, but each have managed to make it this far in life, so we're good, I think.

There will be many episodes of learning and growth for Biscuit this year, I'm certain.  But what a blessing it is for him to have teachers (whether relatives or not) who care about him and his classmates.  They want the best for him and all of them.  They have high expectations, but not too high.  Not yet have I heard any other mention of aeronautics within the realms of middle school.  In fact, I've heard good reports about this 6th grade class - from parents AND teachers.  Yay!

This is day 14 of the new school year, and not one other time has Biscuit gotten into the vehicle and sighed.  He might not always be excited about having to do homework, but he's liking 6th grade and being a "bigger" kid.  He's even claimed that another relative-teacher is his favorite because she DOESN'T give homework! And if she keeps that up, she'll be my favorite, too!! Ha ha!  But, I'm not sure that's going to happen. When I mentioned to her that she was the current favorite and why, she said, "Not YET, anyway!"  Oops.  Sorry, Biscuit!  But she didn't say a word about rocket scientists.  That's a relief! 

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