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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happily Ever After

The first Saturday in August was a special day.  Our oldest nephew on my husband's side of the family got married!  Many relatives traveled to Memphis, TN, for the special occassion.
The wedding colors were various shades of green and gray.  It was a vintage sort of theme, using mason jars and chalkboards that are very popular right now.
The groom's two nephews and one niece were a part of the wedding, so it was fun watching them.  This was a sweet picture of one of them getting all ready with help from his daddy.
This big family picture is our side of the family, plus the groom's dad's side.  It's big, but that's only about half of everyone!  And all but a few of these people traveled from SW Oklahoma!
The expression's on K's face were so funny! He was having a great time at the wedding and rehearsal.
After her flower girl duties, T was excited to get "Elsa and Anna" rings from her dad. As the best man, he had tried to pass them on to the groom for the wedding rings, but it didn't work!
The reception was beautifully decorated! 
 I loved all of the special touches the bride (along with her mom and aunt) had planned and made for the special day.
 The three individual wedding cakes were so sweet.  Extra cake servings were brought out from the kitchen.  That was a great idea for someone wanting a smaller wedding cake look.
 Each table had a Chevron green/ivory runner (or gray polka dot print below), a tree stump, and a mason jar filled with fresh flowers.
 Also, there was a little bird figurine on each tree stump and cookies from a favorite bakery.  (Answer to the question from my sis-in-law in the comments: The cookies were favors for the guests, and the tongue depressors were for writing a "date night" idea to give the couple.) So sweet!
 My mother-in-law made the groom's cake.  The chocolate covered strawberries (in addition to her chocolate cake) were a huge hit, of course!
 The food buffet was delicious. See the strawberry topiary?  It was beautiful!
 The buffet table featured burlap, fresh flowers and bird houses.
This was my favorite part of the reception area.  The bride was from Florida. The groom from Oklahoma. But they met in Memphis.  "I'm so happy we both showed up here."  God worked this all out!
 There was an Oklahoma side, a Florida side, then the Tennessee in the middle.  Love it!
 The bride and groom as they entered the reception.  Happily ever after!
 Before the cake cutting.....
 The groom's "new" sisters were junior bridesmaids.  If you read "Shine Like Stars" regularly, you may remember reading about their adoption last year.  It was so special for them to get to be in this wedding!  Love their smiles!
 The cousins got together and worked out a plan for the "getaway car"!  This play on words was pretty clever, since the groom's name is Justin and the bride's is Mary!
 Leaving the reception as bubbles were blown...
Yes - "How Sweet It Is".
Probably the sweetest thing about the whole wedding was after the groom did his vows and slipped the ring on her finger. He sang to her, "I Love You With the Love of the Lord".  She was already teary-eyed, but by the end of the song, both of them were - and many of us were or were close.

We wish for you many "Happily Ever After" years together. We're thankful that God worked this whole thing out and that you both ended up in Memphis, TN - right where He directed your paths.  We love you, J and M.E.!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Loved seeing everything! What were the cookies and tongue depressors for on the tables?

Janie Stone said...

Wonderful! You are awesome, my fellow "aunt-in-law"!!! Thank you soooo much for this!

Lori said...

Thank you, Janie! It was great meeting you and sharing this special time with all of you!

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