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Friday, August 15, 2014

Senior Class of 2015 - Back to School Breakfast

We began this with our daughter's Senior class two years ago, so now continue this tradition with our oldest son.  Their Senior class is invited to our house every month to get together for a meal and fun.  Today was the first event for the Class of 2015 - an early morning, before school breakfast.  There were 18 or 19 in attendance out of 22 or so. A great group and a great turn out!
 Since our school colors are black and gold and the mascot is a tiger, I decided to go with that for the decorations.
 Many of the tigers will be auctioned off at our annual Fall Festival in November. I buy them throughout the year whenever I see them.  But, it was good to get some use out of them instead of having them setting around the house doing nothing but collecting dust!
 I decided to get Starbucks Frappe chinos for the Seniors as a special treat. I have empty bottles that were used with paper straws for other juices and milk if the Seniors desired.  Why does a special glass and paper straw make everything more fun?! :)
 The fruit and yogurt parfait station is probably more of a "girl" station, but a few boys seemed to like it, too!

And the boys' favorite is the Slow Cooker Breakfast Burritos. In fact, I took this to the elementary, JH, and HS buildings on the first day of school and the teachers and staff think it's their favorite, too. So many people use this recipe. It's such a great recipe (so whoever came up with it, THANK YOU!) It's on my "Life's a Bowl of Cherries Blog" if you don't have it already. I have used it or heard it used for county fairs, family reunions, vacations, and camps.  It's definitely a time saver, too!
 I've started grilling onions and peppers and serve along with the burrito fillings. (Bacon is next to that pan.) A funny story:  The elementary had the grilled onions and peppers hidden somehow, so they didn't even realize they were there until late in the day - right before I picked up the food on Monday! The HS principal was visiting the elementary and happened to mention the onions and peppers. They thought they had been left out, but found them under a lid! Ha ha!
 My son made cinnamon rolls for his classmates on Monday, plus again for this breakfast. We also served biscuits and sausage gravy.  Oh, and Hostess powdered donuts! :)
This class has mostly been together a long time, with just a few changes and additions along the way. It's a close class and we are looking forward to spending more time with them during this last year.
 They're a talented group of leaders.  They're fun to watch no matter what sport or activity they're involved in at the time.
Have I told you about my addition?  The old Ford pickup?  If you don't live here, you may not realize that I've always wanted an old pickup in the field.  Just for pictures.  Really.  But look!  It's it just perfect for these Senior girls to stand by and pose?  I think so, too!

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Sounds yummy! Love the pickup!

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