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Monday, August 25, 2014

College Life - Sophomore Year

Last Sunday afternoon we moved our daughter, Lauren, into the dorm for her Sophomore year of college.
Thankfully we had lots of good help!  The boys worked hard! 
After working on their dorm room all last week, they are pretty much done!  They used coral and turquoise, along with white and black as an accent. We're trying to get Kennedy to ditch the Jonas Brothers poster! (ha ha!)  Our oldest son turned it backwards on move-in day, but she noticed it away and turned it around!  
The good thing about this year is that L & K will be in this dorm room the whole year. There won't be any moving out between semesters.  That's a LOT of stuff to have to move every few months!  And now, at Christmas, we won't have a lot of extra "stuff" around our house!
L & K came up with a great layout for the room that gave them a "kitchen" area.  
The girls showing off their room....
....and being goofy and fun!
Something tells me that this work space won't always look this neat and organized :).
Before leaving for college, Lauren made a picture collage on this "L" of she and Kennedy throughout the years.  It turned out great!

You know....leaving Lauren last Sunday evening wasn't nearly as bad as leaving her last year.  A year has changed everything!  It seemed normal for her to be leaving this year.  And she was ready and excited.  I still shed a few tears when I went into her room at home (which she left completely straight and clean!) and thought about how long it would be until she was here for an extended time, but the tears didn't last too long.  I'm glad she's where she is. And I'm glad she and her best friend are there together.

Today is the first day of classes.  Today begins a semester full of challenges and opportunities.  Our prayer is that L & K have a wonderful year, and that they both continue to grow closer to God and stronger in their faith.  We look forward to seeing how He works in their lives this year!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It looks great! Talked to them briefly last night and they seem excited and good to go!

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