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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passport to Paris Themed Banquet

Update: Thank you for your thoughts and prayers about my arm. I saw the doctor yesterday, and the bone is in place and everything is healing well! He said I could leave the immobilizer off and use a sling or NOTHING as much as I want to! I'm typing with both hands.  Thank you, God, for your healing. You made our bodies wonderfully :).  I've very thankful that my injury was minor in comparison to what others have faced and are facing. It could have been so much worse.

So, when I fell/tripped, we had just started working on our Junior-Senior Banquet. The theme was Passport to Paris.  It looked BEAUTIFUL!  Here are some pictures.

 The tables had floor-length white cloths, black square toppers, and red organza runners....
 The students' chairs had red tulle sashes tied around them.  Notice the beautiful chandelier hanging in the center of the room!
 A Paris cafe backdrop....
 The centerpieces were mirrors, metal Eiffel towers, tea light candles, clear gems and red rose petals....
 I wish I had a close up of the napkin rings. They were rhinestone buckles threaded onto red satin ribbon, then hot glued at the seams. It looked beautiful against the black napkins.
The fountain was directly below the hanging chandelier. It sounded so nice and soothing! Maybe I need one at home :).
 Our school has a really long hallway that leads from the gym lobby to the cafeteria. It makes a perfect walkway to decorate and transform into the theme!
 The fake grass lined the hallway and this little park area...complete with the lit up Eiffel tower.
 A Paris skyline....
 Another view of the park area....
 Our son didn't want a tux, but I insisted he have one. Then he knew exactly what he wanted - brown with a top hat, cane, and gloves! Oh, an a little pocket hanky! He didn't care for the gloves, then forgot the pocket hanky ($8 for that thing, too!).
 He sure looked handsome!
 His class worked hard on this banquet. They had lots of fun! Can't believe they will be SENIORS next year! (They are missing a few people and my own son's face is covered! I think I did that with our daughter's class photo, too!)
 The Sophomore servers looked so cute! They had fun serving!
 The chocolate fountain and dunking items were delicious!
And a final close up of the chandelier.  A night to Paris!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It's amazing how you transformed it! I think it's so neat how each class helps with it until their year to enjoy it.

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