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Friday, April 4, 2014

Day Three of Crazy

If you read yesterday's post, you know that I had had two days of crazy. I felt like satan was throwing darts at me. My husband thought that perhaps God was telling me that I had too much going on, but I didn't really. Now I'm thinking that maybe he was right. I can't possibly know exactly if God was telling me to slow down, but I'm for certain that I am going to be forced to slow down....not by choice.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the school decorating for our Jr./Sr. Banquet. I was going out to my vehicle to unload more things, at the same time watching to make sure my son was backing up another vehicle enough to let traffic by. I angled off of the walkway towards my vehicle, catching the corner of the sidewalk. I tripped and fell flat on the asphalt and gravel.  Oh, it hurt! My son didn't see it, but a couple of other teens did and they hurried to make sure I was okay.  I wasn't sure, but I know it hurt enough that jumping up out of humiliation wasn't my first thought!

Because typing is an issue, and I have an appointment to go to, I'll skip the small talk and just say that I finally realized it needed to be checked. I felt like it was more than just muscle and outer pain. I have a radial head fracture and will be seeing an orthopedic doctor today about what to do next. I'm right handed, so it is surely making things difficult. I have many decorating obligations to do over the next few weeks and months and that will be the biggest obstacles - well that and just getting ready every day.  And cooking....and cleaning.....Oh, I know...I will adjust.  It will just take me more time to do things. It's my first broken bone - ever!

I allowed myself a few hours to feel sorry for myself last night, then prayed that God help me be thankful it wasn't worse.  And, there are so many people we know who are facing serious life obstacles, so my arm isn't that big, BUT for me...right is big. My husband and boys will help a lot. If our daughter was here, she could help more with the decorating part, but college will be over in just a few weeks, then she can help some.  So please pray for me. Pray for my healing and patience.  Thanks in advance!

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