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Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Wizard of Oz" Going Away Party

Saying goodbye - especially to good friends - is never fun, but having a party is ALWAYS fun.  And this party was extra-fun because this couple (especially the wife) happens to be a HUGE "Wizard of Oz" fan!
The only person I knew that had lots of WofOz decor was my friend, so of course I couldn't ask to borrow it. I wanted the party theme to be a surprise, and it was already packed up anyway.
 For the lion's "courage", the guests at the party wrote notes of en"courage"ment to the couple.
 A "Yellow Brick Road" led the way from the entry door to the reception table.  I didn't have time to draw bricks, but my son who helped by taping down the road decided that the folds in the plastic tablecloths were brick shaped, anyway! Works for me!
After Christmas during Walmart's "day after Christmas sales", I bought some neat little plastic appetizer containers.  I used them, plus some other little plastic containers I had to make these "Over the Rainbow" Layered Jello Snacks. It took a while to do, but was totally worth the extra effort!
 I'm not sure how the kids managed to eat this tall ones, but I know they did! Maybe they had long tongues because the spoons wouldn't have gone down the skinny cylinders! Maybe they used the handle of the spoon.
 I found the Oz picture at Kirkland's! I'm so thankful I stopped by there quickly that day! The Dorothy dress is a friend's, and has been worn by many little girls over the years - even by my daughter about 15 years ago!
I saw an idea for "Melted Wicked Witch Punch", so that was really fun. I also had an antique green punch bowl that I didn't even remember I had, but fit perfectly with the punch!
 Toto's Puppy Chow is always a hit.....
 Over the Rainbow cupcakes.....
 Ruby Red Slipper Sugar Cookies....
 Munchkin Snack Mix (recipe is on my recipe blog at today)...
 The scarecrow needed something named after him so this "If I Only Had a Brain" Toffee Crunch Crockpot Candy was the perfect match....
 And these "Tin Man's Heart - Butter Cream Wafers" are my absolute favorite!
 We're going to miss you, Gray & Teresa! Thanks for your friendship and love for us and others!  May God bless you in this new endeavor!
Gray & Teresa have been houseparents at the Children's Home where my husband works. They will be houseparents at another Home and will continue to do what they do best - love and care for children. This little boy wrote the sweetest note to them. It melted my heart!  :)
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