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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Two of My Favorite People

Tipton is very blessed with many great senior citizens.  In fact, I believe that for a small town we have a huge number of involved seniors.  They support the youth at school events and fundraisers, volunteer to help with town events, and they are active within their church family.  Today I want to spotlight one special couple who are two of my very, very favorite people.

Billy and Verna recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary. They are wonderful Christian  examples to all who know them, and they happen to be the parents of one of my sisters-in-law.  The two both worked at Tipton Home for almost 35 years before retiring.....but not quitting.  They are some of the most active retired people you will ever find.  They have devoted their lives to serving the Lord.

This week we had a lesson series going on at our congregation from Sunday until Wednesday.  On the three weekdays during the morning session, we met at 10 a.m.  At noon we had a meal together. It's a neat thing where even the school students are invited to eat each day.  When I would arrive with my potluck dishes, Billy would be waiting outside on the porch of the building, waiting to help me with my food.  Others helped at times, but Billy was always there....waiting.  

Billy also stands in the foyer before Bible classes and hands out any outlines/bulletins that we have.  He waits until a little after class starts to go into the auditorium to sit down because he wants to make sure anyone that might come in a little late, has the papers.  He wants to make sure everyone is taken care of before he sits down.

Together Billy and Verna go visiting the hospitals and nursing homes at least once a week....probably more most weeks.  They also take widows to doctors appointments when needed, many times several days in a row.  There is probably a lot more they do that I don't even know.  They are always willing to help with any need in the church - whether big or small.

Verna still swims two mornings each week for exercise with a group of ladies.  She has a beautiful soprano voice and uses it to God's glory.  She writes poems for many wedding and baby showers.  She wrote one for me almost 25 years ago!  She is witty and tells great stories!

Billy's exercise is his walking, yard work, garden, and I guess I could say he's my goat-loving husband's assistant shepherd!  Some of our goats are in one of the field by Billy and Verna's house.  Billy helps take care of the goats, just because he cares.  He'll give them water, get them back in the pen if the hot wire isn't working for some reason, and gets the goats heads unstuck when they need it.  Last year he took on our annual pumpkin patch - designing a PVC pipe watering system that could water seven rows at once.

Billy and Verna are avid Tipton Tigers supporters, attending volleyball, football, and basketball games in town - and maybe even some that are out of town. They make food for others, send cards, encourage, and always have something kind to say.  Oh, and they smile and laugh....a lot!  They're funny and fun!  They are genuine.  They are examples of Jesus.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I just now got to read this post - so sweet! I know when I get to visit they always greet me but it's great to hear about how they spend their time. Such a great example to ALL of us!

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