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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Senior Class - Thanksgiving Dinner in October

I'm sure I've mentioned that for my daughter's Senior year, we're inviting the class over each month.  We started last May and the kids have had so much fun making memories during their final year of high school.
For this month's meal, I thought it would be neat to have a Thanksgiving dinner.  For one thing, I had a turkey frozen that I needed to use, but also knew when it was closer to the "real" Thanksgiving, I wouldn't have the time to do such a large meal.
One of the other Senior moms volunteered to make these Reeses' cupcakes.  They looked delicious, and I'm sure they were!  Most of us were too full to eat dessert, though.  They'll eat them at school tomorrow in that mom's classroom.
One of the male senior class members decided he should make something for the meal.  He made this cake - with sprinkles and all!  He's going to be taking his to school tomorrow, too!
Another male senior (What's the deal with the guys cooking??) make chocolate chip cookies.  About 15 minutes before the event, he was ringing the doorbell needing to borrow chocolate chips! (Ha Ha!!) 
In case some didn't like turkey, I made brisket for an green beans, corn, dressing, mashed potatoes....
....Mac and cheese, carrots (we don't usually have carrots for Thanksgiving it occurred to my oldest son hours after the event!), sweet potatoes (shouldn't have bothered :)...gravy...., and......
....homemade ROLLS!!!!
Fifteen Seniors out of about 22 came for the get-together.  Such a fun group!
After the meal we took some pictures outside around the pumpkin/arch display, then they headed back inside.
They talked and laughed and laughed and talked!  They watched, "The Grinch"....and laughed some more.  Even one of their teachers/sponsors came and joined in the fun!
As I've watched these students and others grow up over the years, something has occurred to me.  We say at times that kids grow up too fast, and they do.  But sometimes we fail to give them time to just be kids - to just have fun.  
These Seniors are active, busy, and extremely involved in almost every activity.  They get worn out just like you and I do.  Tonight they were able to just relax and enjoy being together - talking and laughing.  Bonding.  Making memories.  I'm thankful to get to have just a small part in their lives and make a small deposit in their memory bank.  I thank them for sharing their lives with our family.

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