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Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthdays, Brothers, and Babies

What a special birthday our son, Zachary had to celebrate turning 16.  First of all, he passed his driver's test.  That was GREAT!  This makes us sound like bad parents, but it also shows something quite special about this boy.  He had NEVER parallel parked - EVER - but did it during his driver's test that day.  We did the parent-taught driver's ed program and he had driven a lot, but we didn't think about parallel parking.  In a town the size of about 750 total people, that's just not something we worry about!  
The night before he went to take his test, I happened to think of the parallel parking and asked if he knew what to do.  He got the ping pong paddle in his hand.....laid it out for one of the cars, then used my cell phone to be his car.  He showed me exactly what to do and the next day he did it!  I always knew when he was a toddler and would drive the little Fisher Price car around that he had a gift of driving!  I couldn't maneuver my own car like he could that little thing!  Thank you, God, for that special gift for Zachary! 
Another special part of his birthday party celebration was the fact that he had so many family members present.  It's not always that way with the kid's birthdays.  In fact, I don't even usually tell the relatives who live 2-3 hours away about the party, but decided to this time.  All of my husband's brothers and sisters were there! There are six of them in all! Several cousins were there, plus grandparents, and many other friends.  We had 35 people!
My husband, his brothers, and a brother-in-law took turns playing 42.  It was funny because this numbered set of dominoes was the only complete set we had in the house!  But what a fun time together - in the middle of the summer - when we usually don't have the opportunity to get together.
And then the BABIES!  Although my sweet, great-nephew isn't considered a baby any more, it was so much fun having all three "greats" together!  Someone snapped a picture of them together, but I missed it.  Here, "L" came up to me and stood and stared.  He stayed there until I took his picture!  So cute :).
This pretty great-niece was jabbering and smiling during the whole party.  One thing I noticed about "S".  She talks with her hands just as much as I do....maybe even more! 
"T" was the youngest of the "greats" at the party.  She was pretty in pink and all smiles, too!  What a joy to watch these little ones as they learn and grow!
And in just a few hours after the party, this little guy made his appearance!  He didn't want to wait for Aug. 5th to get here, apparently.  God blessed our family with another great!  We wonder if it was the Mexican food or the chocolate cake his mommy ate at the party that started the ball to roll (quickly) and result in the speedy arrival of little "K".

What a blessing:  Birthdays, Brothers, and Babies!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad it worked out that way!

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