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Monday, June 18, 2012

Charlie's Memorial Service

Last week I wrote a post about changes.....and how I didn't like them.  One of the anticipated changes was about my father-in-law, and how we had been told that he wasn't going to live very long.  That was true.  Charlie passed away on Thursday, June 14 - just a few days after I wrote that post.
(This photo is the grandkids and their spouses singing "There's a Stirring" during the service)

Charlie made the best cinnamon rolls and "hot" rolls (the family called them "hot" even when they were cold :) and that is what he was especially known for, but he was also known for all of his other gifts, talents and jobs - preaching, teaching math at school, butcher at the local grocery store, and Walmart greeter.  The one thing Charlie could not do is sing on tune!  In a family where everyone else could - and could do it well, this was a little un-ordinary, but as God would want it - Charlie sang anyway.  He enjoyed music with the rest of us.
(My mother-in-law with all six children.)
Life will be different now, for sure.  Charlie will be greatly missed, but we're thankful for him suffering no more.  We are thankful that he obeyed the gospel long ago and that he lived a faithful Christian life so that in his new life he is in the presence of God and Jesus.  No more cancer.  No more complications from a stroke.  No more pneumonia.  And, he can sing on tune! :)
(My mother-in-law with all six children and their spouses....except one who had to be gone.)
I couldn't believe it, but at Charlie's service, I actually had the feeling that I didn't want it to be over!  Sons, grandsons, and sons-in-law led singing, made comments, and read scriptures and it reminded me so much of the Wednesday night singing we have the day before Thanksgiving each year - I wanted it to keep going.  I don't believe I've ever thought that about a memorial service before. Thankfully, we have a recording of the service, so I can listen to it when I want to.  Precious memories, for sure!
(Grandkids & spouses, and three great-grandkids.)
I mentioned just a few things my father-in-law did, but my husband's uncle listed them all on a Facebook status.  Here it is:

Charlie, friend, soldier, husband, butcher, Sentinel Religious Bookstore-salesman, shipper, printer, manager- father, Tipton Home house parent, school teacher, preacher, Walmart greeter, friend to everyone, best hot roll baker, father, christian example and brother-in-law. Charlie is greeting everyone in Heaven today. God bless the family.
(Extended family members' picture.)
We would like to thank everyone for the food, cards, flowers, memorials, visits, and especially the prayers during Charlie's illness and his passing. Thank you so much for everything.  Continue to pray for Sharon during this time.

 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...
Psalm 23:4 

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