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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tipton Home Alumni 2011 - Fun Day

Every Easter weekend, the Tipton Home celebrates Homecoming for all alumni.  This year was the 88th year of existence for Tipton Home and a special theme that included the work that the Southwest church of Christ in Oklahoma City, has provided for the children of Tipton Home for many, many years.  
That "work" is called Fun Day.  The Christian brothers and sisters bring games, toys, food, and lots of fun to the children ever summer.  This year at homecoming, the "Fun Day" people were honored by making the alumni celebration in the theme of "Fun Day". 
Mrs. Davis, Tipton Home employee for decades, did a wonderful job at organizing the event, as always.  There was good food, fun, and fellowship all morning and afternoon.
This photo is of a clown that came to Fun Day for many years.  Such a cute picture!
Mrs. Davis displayed numerous photos of Fun Day through the years, had another employee make a picture video, and planned for the Southwest members in attendance to be given a much-deserved award for their service. 
This year I was asked to help Mrs. Davis with some of the decorating.  If you follow "Shine Like Stars", you know that I gladly said, "YES!".  So much fun and such a great work/theme.
More from Fun Days through the years....
 ....and more....
 Aren't the centerpieces cute?
 The little hot dogs are dog toys, I think.  So cute!
 Elementary children singing several songs for the alumni.
 Mr. Canan is a former Southwest member who helped with Fun Day years ago, but now serves as a houseparent at Tipton Home, so he has experienced Fun Day from both sides!
 Mr. Smith honoring the Southwest members with a plaque.
 Many alumni came to visit this year.
 My husband's parents were houseparents for 12 years.  This photo is his parents, he and his siblings, and many of their boys/friends.  The big trophy was a traveling trophy won at Fun Day one year!
This photo is my husband and our youngest at a Fun Day several years ago.  It looks like daddy is sharing the snowcone with Tyler!

What a great weekend celebration!  Thank you, alumni, for coming HOME so that we can visit with you and enjoy your company!  Thank you, Southwest, for your many years of service and dedication to the children at Tipton Home!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

The displays and decor are really cute!!! My Dad even remembered going to work FUN Day! Wonderful tradition!

Mandy said...

I miss being able to participate in Fun Day! I still remember Tyler carrying around his "ephalant" at the last one I went to. Good times! It's crossed my mind to get a similar thing going for the children's home near Denver. It's a good work done by good people!

Lori said...

Robin - I am sure I've heard that, but didn't remember it! He's probably in some of the pictures out there!
Mandy - That's cute! Thanks for sharing and I am sure they miss you coming, too! I enjoy your FB posts :). Thank you for your comments!

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