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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet Things

We just arrived home from a weekend at OYE (Oklahoma Youth Expo - The World's Largest Junior Livestock Show) where our children showed their goats.  This year was the first year all four of them could show because our youngest is now nine.
It was fun having two 4-H members and two FFA members.  This will be the only year it will ever be that way, so it was kind of special!
This morning while waiting for the goat show to begin, we saw this sweet couple.  He was her pillow for quite a while during her nap.  So sweet.  That's love!
.....and then, tonight, when we arrived home, we found that one of my tulips had bloomed!  I am so excited and look forward to seeing the others very soon.  My oldest son planted 100 for me and he counted 75 that are coming up!!  First signs of spring are all around us!  

I am GRATEFUL for the SWEET THINGS of life.  Thank you, God!

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Holly said...

I just ran across your blog via Heavenly Homemakers! It brought back a lot of memories because I'm from North Texas and SW Oklahoma. I was also involved in 4H and FFA!

Joe said...

Great looking crew you have there! The photo of the elderly couple is something others can learn from; life long devotion to each other in itself is a beautiful thing.

Lori said...

Thank you, both for your comments! That's true about the great example of the elderly couple. We are blessed here with several examples of that, as well. Great for our children and the children that are in the children's home where my husband works. They love interacting with the kids. Holly, I'm emailing you! So neat that you grew up close to here! Lori

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