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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The New Addition!

After waiting five months for the process of adding on to our home to begin, we got the ball rolling towards the end of July 2011.  This addition was something we had been hoping for and praying for several years.  So, on this GRATITUESDAY, I am very, very grateful for this new space.  
Being a family of six, with our three boys sharing a big bedroom, we were needing more space - and definitely more closets.  This light green room will be a den/office and will connect to the larger, remodeled kitchen.
As soon as possible, I put two wreaths up on the new windows.  With all of the Christmas decor in the rest of the house, this new part needed something!
The new laundry room isn't huge, but it is very sufficient.  I really like the light turquoise and the mini chandelier!  At the time of this picture, it wasn't up there, but soon we added a long rod over the washer and dryer - perfect for letting all of the clothes dry that we don't put in the dryer.  So much easier doing laundry now!
Our two youngest boys that got the new bedrooms are sharing this Mickey Mouse bedroom.  This is before the sink was cut out, but it has been great having an extra bathroom!
This is the room that was previously shared by all three, which now belongs to the oldest.  He's using the extra space on the left side of his bed to make a putting green.  I'll blog about that some day!
Our 13 year old boy wanted a Rt. 66 room.  He has a collection of cars and old bottles, which are displayed on the desk to the right (which belonged to my grandparents).  The madras plaid bedding was on sale at Pottery Barn Teen.  This was my first purchase ever through Pottery Barn Teen, and it is easy to tell (by touch) that the quality is very good.
The youngest boy wanted a Texas Ranger room.  I'm usually not into themed rooms like this, BUT, since it was Texas Rangers, I agreed!  This is before it was all put together, but a few days after Christmas, I found this blue tree at Garden Ridge in Oklahoma City.  WoooHoooo!  It will be his Texas Rangers' Christmas tree next year!
I found this canvas the day after Christmas.  It was a great addition to the new den/office area.  Love what it says!
Demolition Day!  It was great to get home from a ballgame and find that the wall between the old part and new part had been torn down!  How exciting (and very dusty!).
Looking from the other direction into the old part and after some things had been done in the new part.

The only thing we have left to do is to put rock on the corners of the brick on the outside of the house, get closet doors on the two bedroom closets, and get door knobs on all of the new doors.  There are a few "tiny" things we have to do, as well.

Many years ago, we had a teeny, tiny little house.  Our third child's baby bed was in the dining room.  We rarely had people over....there wasn't extra space.  I made a promise then to myself and to God, that if we ever had a home with more room, I/we would use it for HIS glory.  We would have people into our home and have church events in our home.  I kept that promise (Though I know God is used to me and others breaking our promises and is forgiving.  It was important for me to keep that one.)

With this new addition, we plan to serve God even more.  I am thankful that when people need a place to stay, we now have room for them to stay with us.  When we have the youth group over now, there will be even more room to accommodate them (they'll be here in a few weeks!).  We will have church groups, school groups, and hopefully the opportunity to invite new acquaintances over to our home even more now. 

So, on this GRATITUESDAY, I am grateful for this new addition.  Having another bathroom, two new bedrooms and several new closets is so nice.  The boys are very thankful.  We are all very thankful!  

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