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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Has Happened.....

Our second oldest child, and oldest son, has grown to be the tallest in the family!  He was the biggest baby, so I've always assumed he would be the biggest child.  He seems to think every once in a while that with his higher height comes higher control within our family.  Not so, big boy! :)  

Really, it's just amazing how big they all are.  I've already started thinking about getting mentally prepared for them to leave home.  I pray about that time, because I know already that it will be difficult for me.  That's what is supposed to happen, I know, but it still is hard.

Our youngest, Tyler, said a few days ago that he wasn't going to play any sports in high school.  Coming from a HUGE sports fan, that was quite a statement.  He said that he wanted to quit all of them so that he could spend more time with us....his parents....before he left home for college.  Isn't that sweet?!  He is a sweet boy who loves to be home and loves to be with us.  I'm thankful that he does.  (Note:  However, they all have been warned that they can't live at home past age 22 or 23!)

When I think of my children leaving home, it hurts my heart.  But then my thoughts go to Jesus hanging on the cross and think of what His Father must have felt.  God willingly gave His Son for us.  What a sacrifice!

Thank you, God!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, I've noticed how tall he is too! So cool! Yes, don't dwell on it but enjoy every moment. You can be like me and adopt some little neighbors to do fun stuff with!

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