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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tornados and Earthquakes

Yesterday afternoon tornados ripped through the countryside of our small town of Tipton, Oklahoma.  Tornados are common in southwest Oklahoma, but not in November!  Of course, we've also had earthquakes in the past few days, too.  They weren't centered here, but most people felt them. 

Storm sires blared yesterday afternoon.  The school quickly alerted parents that shelters were being opened, and that the students were being kept safe in those shelters.  Safety drills are practiced every year, but rarely do they ever get put into action in real emergency situations.  Monday they did.  Monday those drills were put into effect and utilized in the best way possible with positive results.  I am GRATEFUL that my children were safe and taken care of during the storm!
My husband watched the tornados from the back porch of his work. (Crazy, yes!  But, I have to admit I would have been watching it, too!) These pictures were taken at the school by some of the teachers.  I was out of town buying supplies for our school carnival, stuck there longer than expected to make sure I didn't drive into the path of the tornado.  I am GRATEFUL for the safety of others in the path of the tornado.
At one point the larger tornado was a mile wide.  Our town doesn't even have a thousand people.  If the tornado had been that wide and gone through the middle of town, our entire town could have been wiped out!.  I am GRATEFUL that the tornado was mostly in the country, not destroying too much!
This couple lives 3-4 miles southeast of us.  They were trapped in their cellar by a fallen tree, but thankfully safe from the tornado that damaged their home and property.  You may have seen their interview on the news.  I am GRATEFUL that the Potts' lives were spared and very thankful that their loss, though significant, isn't total loss of their home!

Here are some links on the Tipton, OK tornado:

I can't believe that with the tornados and earthquakes, I've been out of town during both!

On this GRATITUESDAY, it's easy to say what I'm grateful for:  For God's protection of my family, my community, and my home from the tornados......and earthquakes.  And, very grateful for the much-needed several inches of rain we received last night!

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When the earth and all its people quake,
it is I who hold its pillars firm.
Psalm 75:3

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day and I was wishing I could do more than sit in front of the TV watching it! Good scripture!

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