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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Tonight we had a delicious meal consisting of grilled chicken (marinade recipe is posted on our family recipe blog:, grilled fresh corn on the cob (recipe in archives), roasted potatoes (from our garden), salad (with "real" Ranch.....the kind you make, not bottled).  It was so good! 

After we had been eating for a while, my husband wanted some more potatoes, but just as I was getting ready to pass them to him, our youngest two boys started grabbing them!  I wasn't very happy with them and scolded them about already having seconds and that they shouldn't be so greedy.  Just then my husband started laughing because he had already had seconds, too!  

A fun/teasing conversation went on for a few minutes as I continued trying to insist that my husband take the few remaining potatoes.  He kept telling me no. The kids were laughing....he was laughing...I was laughing......and I broke the table manners that we (I) typically enforce at family meal times.  I decided to throw a potato chunk to my husband! 

I flung the potato across the table (which is 72 inches long....we sit on opposite ends) with my left hand.  (I'm right-handed.)  And guess what happened????? You can probably guess by this picture!  It landed in a cup of water!!!  Not my husband's cup, but our daughter's cup!  She was sitting down at the end of one side towards my husband!

Oh, it was hilarious and yes, bad, bad table manners. :)  But, it was more amazing than anything and we laughed about it for quite a while.  I was actually pretty proud of myself and thought how nice it would have been if it was a "potato throwing contest" and I had just won a large sum of money!  Me....the one who is typically not very good at throwing a ball with my dominate right hand, chunked a potato into a relatively small cup with my non-dominate left hand! SIGN ME UP FOR THE POTATO THROWING CONTEST!

And.....of course......the whole family said:  "This has to be a blog post!"  And, of course, I agreed.  Yes it does!

I couldn't do that again if I tried!

For this Gratituesday, I'm grateful for fun and memorable family meal times with all six of us together....bad table manners and all!

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