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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Camp Countdown

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit.

Biscuit was crying on the Wednesday night of camp during the last evening devotional.  Tears were streaming down his sweet little face.  I asked him what was wrong - in the midst of my own teary eyes.  He said that he was sad that camp was almost over.  I told him I was, too, but that we still had a few more days to enjoy being there.

Biscuit went on to say that he loved singing the devotional songs.  I agreed with him.  I encouraged him that next year he would be old enough to attend camp at the 4th - 7th grade session.  He said, "But that's not where all my friends are.  They are at this session. (which is the 7th - 12th grade session)."  I reminded him that a few of the bigger kids often serve as conselors for the younger session.  He wasn't phased by my logic.  He was still crying.  It was so sweet.

This morning, a few minutes after Biscuit woke up, he was crying.  I wasn't sure what was wrong, so I asked him.  He replied, "I miss camp.  It's a whole year until we go back."  He says this same thing every few days.  He even has this camp countdown posted by his dresser to mark off the days.  He wants his 3rd grade to go by quickly so that it will be time for camp again.

Biscuit's tender heart loves camp because of the closeness that is there between the campers and counselors.  There is a special feeling recognizing that God is in the midst there....just as He is everywhere. Biscuit loves singing praises to God with all of his friends at camp.  His "friends" are all 8 - 20 years older than him. It's so sweet! 

Oh, that we all would have a heart like Biscuit and other children!!  It's no wonder that Jesus loved the little children and stated that we should all be as children.  Their hearts are so pure.

On this Gratituesday, I am grateful for Biscuit, for camp, and for the hearts of children.  Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

And we should all be longing for heaven the same way!

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