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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A few weeks ago one of our school groups took a trip to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  I was excited to tag along as a parent sponsor because I had been wanting to go to the zoo for quite some time!
This bird is drinking nectar from a cup. (You purchase the nectar.)  It was amazing to watch the birds take the lids off of the cups.
These birds are called lorikeets. I thought that was pretty neat, since my name is Lori! The birds were beautiful and would land on your shoulders, hands, arms, and even some heads!
(Sorry, again, for the sideways pictures.  It's a Blogger problem and I followed the steps to correct it, but obviously it didn't work).

This picture is a favorite from our zoo visit.  My husband sometimes does things like this to scratch his back (much to the dismay of his wife and kids!) so I HAD to take this picture for him!
These two bears are twin boys.  They were funny to watch.  They would play-fight, then ignore each other, then try to get each other's attention - much like human brothers!
One of the bears decided to sun bathe for a bit.  This reminded me of "The Jungle Book" bear, Baloo.  So cute!
I can't remember what animal this is...but obviously from the cat family. It looks like a lioness, but it's not.
The bald eagle - a majestic bird!
Since our school mascot is the tiger, the whole group was really excited to visit this exhibit.  I really wished I could have gotten a picture of the tiger without the fence in the way. 
UMMMM......MAYBE NOT!! His yawn is very revealing, isn't it???
A pretty cardinal, though the picture is a little blurry.
The new elephant exhibit is wonderful!  It actually reminded me of Disney World in a way - just the attention to detail and massive structures.  Pretty cool!
There weren't many elephants out the day we visited, especially for such a large area, but the week after we were there I heard a new baby elephant was born.  How exciting!
This one doesn't look full grown.  Maybe he/she happens to be a new big sibling!
Doesn't he just look like he's trying to tell me something?  Like, "What do you think you're doing taking pictures and disturbing me?"!  Yep.  I think so!

I am grateful for special days like the one where we visited the zoo.  Any time I am able to see God's amazing creatures is a blessing!  His wonderous plan, His beautiful world - all for us to enjoy.  Thank you, God!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

we really have a great zoo, don't we?

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