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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom & Son Road Trip

It's not often that I have the opportunity to get away with just one child at a time, but this past weekend, when Jacob tagged along with me for a speaking engagement (see previous post), it gave us the opportunity to do just that.  I am GRATEFUL for last weekend's Mom and Son Road Trip!
Since we were so close to Meade, Kansas, where my husband and I lived for our first year and a half of marriage, I decided we'd head to Kansas after the Ladies' Day.
We left Hooker, OK, about 2:30 p.m. and headed first to Liberal, Kansas.  We stopped in to see Dorothy's House and Land of Oz.
We didn't tour all of it, because we were hurrying to get to Meade, but it was still fun!
Jacob with the Tin Man.
The Yellow Brick Road.....
And, on to Meade.....and a photo of our first house.  I still think it's cute!  It was yellow in 1988, too. The stroller wasn't there then, though :).  The house looked to be deserted. We lived there one year exactly.
This was our second house.  We lived here six months. It was kind of a neat house with a full basement.  It wasn't light blue then (thankfully!!).  It's for sale.  Maybe it would sell better if it wasn't blue??? But, maybe that's just my opinion since I'm not a "blue" person.
Jacob was really excited about visiting the Dalton Gang Hideout in Meade.  I was, too!
He really thought the tunnel was cool!  The Dalton Gang used the tunnel to get from their sister's house to the horse barn.
This is what I remembered from 20-plus years ago:  The two headed calf!  I thought that was so neat then.  It is definitely something you don't see every day.
....And neither is an albino raccoon!
(Sorry...Blogger messes up cropped pictures and turns them sideways for some reason.)
I told Jacob to go stand in this wooden box.  Then I told him it was an old timey coffin!  He said it seemed strange to stand in it!
We thought this sign was funny!
The rest of the photos are just things we liked along the road.....between Liberal and Meade.... the Panhandle of Texas.....
......a beautiful scene somewhere in Texas......

Yes, very grateful for special one on one times with my children.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think I remember the yellow house! Glad you all got to do that. Neat pics!

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