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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladies' Salad Supper 2011

Tonight was one of my favorite traditions of the year - an annual Ladies' Salad Supper that I host each spring (with the exception of last year) for my sisters in Christ.  The favorite part of the evening for all of us, I'm certain, is getting to know each other better.  Hearing stories and memories from times gone by.....reminiscing about those who are no longer with us here on earth......learning more about each other.  It's all so special.  And, as an added benefit the food is always great, too!

Here are some of the pictures from the evening:
These plates were bought in November from Hobby Lobby. I liked the brown and cream design, but I wasn't sure how to make them look "Springy", then decided on chocolate bunny centerpieces.  My mother-in-law made the fabric carrots years ago.  They're so cute!
This big bunny was the chocolate bunny inspiration.  He used to be pink, but with my red/gold/brown tones, pink doesn't work.  So, he got painted a few years ago.
Lots of wonderful salads!  Yum!!  A few of these are on my family recipe blog:  Avocado Potato Salad and Ramen Noodle Salad.  They are both delicious!  I've asked for some copies of other salad recipes, too.
There were 19 ladies in attendance tonight. We were blessed to have four out-of-town guests....Sojourners who are in town with their husbands working at Tipton Home for a few weeks.
 I asked each lady to bring three things (hidden in a box or bag) that were special to them.  One by one, I opened the bags and showed the items.  The ladies tried to guess whose items they were. 
  This is my mother-in-law showing a camera that was her mothers.  It still has film in it!  Attached to the camera she had a large picture of herself as a little girl.  The picture was taken with that very camera.  How neat is that?!
 This sweet sister brought a picture of her late husband.  He was wearing his Navy uniform and the photo was in an official U.S. Navy frame.  So neat!  She brought lots of pictures.  I had to laugh when I grabbed her bag.  It was in an Avon bag and SHE'S AN AVON LADY!!!  I teased her that it sort of gave it away when everyone knows she's the Avon lady!
Deb brought a package of seeds, as she loves gardening, but also two small Bibles.  One from first grade, given to her by a Bible class teacher.  The other given to her from her parents after she was baptized.  So special!
Phyllis had a handkerchief that was (I believe) her great-great grandmothers.  She and all of her sisters used it in each of their weddings.  It was over 100 years old.  She read a cute poem called "Grandma's Shoes".
The poem was about a "grandma's ugly shoes" from a grand-daughter's perspective and her dreading wearing them when she got older, only to find by that time she was wearing Reebok's and the teen girls were wearing the ugly "grandma shoes"!
Margie brought dog tags that belonged to her dad, her husband, her son and her father-in-law from their years in the service.  It was so neat to have all of them on the chain and to see the inscriptions.
Judy brought a beautiful quilt she designed for her granddaughter.  The quilt has a Noah's Ark theme and has the song, "Noah's Big Boat" quilted in a corner on the back.  She said that song is what the granddaughter always wanted her to sing when she was little and still wants to her from her now - years later.
Verna had several jewelry pieces to share.  One ring was her grandmothers and was over 100 years old.
Renee' shared three special items that were made by each of her three children and her daughter-in-law.  The Mother-in-Law poem embroideried by her daughter-in-law was really sweet.   

There were lots of special "things" talked about during the evening, but we all realized that it wasn't the "things", but the people that made those "things" special.  Without the people attached and etched in our memories to those things, there wouldn't be anything special about them.

After the sentimental journey, for some reason, our conversation turned to skunks.  For the next 15 minutes or so, we laughed and laughed about skunk stories!  You'd be amazed at how many there were! 

Thank you, ladies' for a wonderful evening of fellowship, friendship, food, and fun.....and even skunks!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

So sweet! We had a great RefresHER last night. I am still amazed at the talent and spin each class that conducts it puts on it! Our youth group young ladies and the Launch class (recent college grads) put it on and it thrilled me to see these young women getting involved in leading women, even if in a small way, like being a table hostess! Pics coming!

Helene said...

How awesome! I seriously need to move :-)
What a great idea for a small group get together or even one to start.
I'm still here -only 2 more classes to go and graduation with my master's in June and then back to blog reading full time! :-)

Helene said...

Almost forgot-my two Texas classmates are aiming for graduation in Oklahoma City of all places since none offered near them in the Dallas area. I thought of you when they said that :-)

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