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Monday, April 5, 2010

Do's, Don'ts, and Consequences

This past Saturday was alumni weekend at Tipton Schools.  It was also Homecoming for Tipton Home, the children's home that has been here over 85 years and where my husband works.  It's always fun to see familiar faces back in town for the alumni weekend and also to meet new people who might be coming for the first time.

Years ago Tipton Home had a school.  At Homecoming many of the old pieces of memoralbilia are displayed for people to see.  Our children, as well as the current residents of Tipton Home, were really impressed (and sometime amused!) with the old school's list of rules. I even heard a teacher say she would be taking these to school to read to her students this week.  I think they'll be surprised by some of them.

Here are some of the "DO'S":
1. Do hand in homework on time.
2. Do take your seat when you come into the classroom.
3. Do try to make good grades.
4. Do leave "pretties" at home.
5. Do be quiet when the teacher leaves the room.
6. Do your lessons when you are told.
7. Do take your time when doing your work so you won't miss anything.
8. Help those who need help.
9. Do be nice to children in school and you will have friends.
10. Do stay in your seat.
11. Do what you are told.
12. Do raise your hand when you want something.
13. Watch the teacher when she is showing you something.
14. Do come to school neat.
15. Do come to school on time.
16. Do put library books back on shelves after they have been used.
17. Do put away all school supplies after you have finished with them.

Now for some "DON'TS":
1. Do no not chew gum.
2. Do not talk without permission.
3. Do not talk when another is talking.
4. Do not be a "show off".
5. Do not tell another student to "shut up".
6 Do not shoot paper wads.
7. Do not hit boys or girls in school or on school grounds.
8. Do not play with dogs before meals.
9. Do not call each other names.
10. Do not talk back to the teacher or any adult.
11. Do not lean back in chairs.
12. Do not write on walls in bathrooms.
13. Do not throw rocks.
14. Do not write notes.
15. Do not wad paper.
16. Do not return to school room after school unless you have permission from your matron.
17. Do not run down the school hall.
18. Do not fuss or fight in school.
19. Do not play keeps with tops, marbles, or anything.
20. Do not play on the south side of the road unless you have special permission from the teacher.

Some consequences if you disobey the rules:
and write spelling words 20 times.
You may may find yourself scrubbing the bathroom or radiator or wall.
3. Paper wad throwing might get you three spats or ?
4. You may find yourself writing a sentence about 200 times for calling names.
5. Sassing might get you 4 or 5 licks.
6. Talking without permission causes you the trouble of writing words 20 times.
7. Showing off might cause you to be embarrassed before the class.
8. Soap may be found in your mouth for the saying of "shut up".
9. You may even find yourself apologizing in front of the class for hitting each other.
10. You may be going back to your dorm to wash and clean up if you are found playing with dogs.
11. You may be on the floor quite a while if you are seen leaning back in your chair.
12. Picking up rocks isn't fun, but you may be doing it if you throw one.
13. You may be writing a sentence 500 times or even a paddling if you write a note.
14. See the teacher if you are found running down the hall.
15. You will apologize or write spelling words for fussing or fighting.
16. You might get the special invitation to the dean's office for playing keeps.


1.Keep your hands to yourself. It is better not to hit other people, even if it is just for fun.
2. Use good manners in the classrooms.
3. Fighting is prohibited.
4. Be able to use your own judgment.
5. Be answerable for your own acts.
6. Keep classrooms and school property clean.
7. Accept school rules and show proper respectfor teachers and fellow classmates in the schoolroom.

CONUCT IN HALLS1. Refrain from running in the halls.Conversation should be kept at a minimum tone.
3. Avoid walking with more than three abreast.
4. Use hall only in bad weather during school.
5. When classwork is going on do not disturb in the hall.
6. Keep hands and feet off of the wall.

1. Respect shrubbery and flower beds.
2. Obey signs such as "Don't walk on grass."
3. Keep out of the trees.
4. Leave rocks by the road
5. Pick up trash when you see it.
6. Be willing to help clean campus at different times.
7. It takes the efforts of everyone to keep the campus clean. Please do your part.

Many of these rules and consequences are still around today, but many of them are not. Some students are taught at home and understand that it is important to respect their teachers, other adults, and each other, but others are not.Some students are also taught to respect the property of others; unfortunately, others are not. In fact, many are taught the idea that they are "entitled" to act or do anything they choose to do; They're growing up in a "me" society and think that they are the only ones that matter. And, these same students and adults also believe that when something goes wrong, it is someone else's fault. They are never blame.

The Bible is full of wisdom and truth for telling us right and wrong. It is perfect for showing us how to live, how to deal with others, and the consequences of sin. It is also the plan of salvation, through Jesus and His blood. But, God doesn't want us to obey Him out of the consequences of punishment. He wants us to obey Him out of love. And His love for us is why He did give His Son Jesus to die on the cross for us.

Thank you, God, for your Word, for your plan, and for your Son and His resurrection!

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