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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blow Ups and Real-Life Tragedies

Last night I blew up my stove top.  I was cooking egg noodles, watching them and stirring them, but then went to put something in the microwave.  I heard the water boiling and when I turned to look, it was boiling over.  That's usually how I know something is done - either it boils over or the smoke alarm goes off (Just kidding, of course!)I immediately turned off the heat, but it kept boiling and boiling.  Then I heard a POP! and my stove top died.

I would like to say that it was the first time I had blown it up, but it's not.  It happened another time, about four years ago.  Sometimes when things boil over, the breaker will blow and after it dries out a bit and the breaker is flipped on it will work.  But this time and that one other time, the breaker-flip didn't work.  The good news is that I get to pick out another stove top.  And, instead of the cheapest thing I can get (like I opted for last time), this time we're spending a little more and getting a smooth, flat top stove top.  I'm hoping that this option will prevent the boiling over "blow-ups" from happening.  I'm sure the boiling over won't stop, but hopefully it won't ruin the whole thing.

So, today I began looking online for stove tops.  My husband was going to go pick one up (nearest stores about an hour away) after I picked it out. However, after I called the store, I was told that the stove top would have to be ordered.  It would take about ten days.  That's not too long, but this week I have a lot of cooking to do.

So I was frustrated.  I was irritated.

And then my dishwasher rack broke.

And then I was frustrated some more.  I was irritated some more.  And I was getting kind of mad.  And I was getting irritable with my family.

And then I stopped to think.  And then I realized I was being very, very selfish.

Last night a family in our small town lost their newly-remodeled and soon-to-be-moved-into home.  This is the third house they've lived in or have planned to live in that has burned down in approximately six months.  Of course, now arson is suspected.  A reward is being offered for any tips about the crime.

Yesterday our nephew had a classmate bring a loaded gun to his school - and he was threatened not to tell.  They're in the 3rd grade.

Recently a close family member lost their job.

Recently a few family friends had their jobs "adjusted" without warning or explaination.

Friends are going through divorce and separation.

A not-to-old Christian friend was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

A family member and some friends are undergoing cancer treatments.

Serious.  Real. Life. Tragedies.

Nothing like the appliance problems I was having.

When I paused to think of all of the things that were going on all around me, I scolded myself for being selfish and letting the broken appliances control my attitude.

My appliances can be replaced or repaired.  The things I mentioned above are serious.  None of them in any way compare to the inconvenience of not having a stove top or my dishwasher not working for a while (hubby fixed it).

Thankfully we have a loving and forgiving God, who is ready to hear our repentant heart.  I need Him daily!


Brandi Sue said...

Anytime I find myself being in a grumpy mood for my problems I always remember that someone out there is going through something worse. I allow myself a little frustration, that's only fair, but I don't dwell on it because that doesn't make it any better! I'll send a prayer up to the "people" you mentioned...God knows who they are :) and I hope you like your new stove top!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, we all need a little reminder how blessed we are from time to time!

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