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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Special Day, One on One

Tyler in his new glasses!

Although most kids wouldn't think a trip to to the doctor would be fun, Tyler does enjoy his every-six-month trip to see Dr. Scott in Oklahoma City (OKC to us "Okies").  He's seen him at least every six months since he was six months old, so he's definitely used to the exams.  (To read more about Tyler's eye problems, read here.) He said today that he likes going to see Dr. Scott because he's always on time - definitely a plus!

Of course, what makes the trip to OKC even more fun is that it takes the whole day, so there's no way for Tyler to get back to school.  He and I get to spend a whole day together, which doesn't happen too often since he started school last year. We find something fun to do after the appointment, along with a few "have to do errands" while in the big city. 

Today after the appointment we went to Incredible Pizza.  It's a fun place and decorated so cute.  We played miniature golf along a "Route 66" path, even answering trivia questions on the score card for extra prize tickets.  We ate pizza (which Tyler said was "incredible" and stated that was how the place got the name), drank floats and icees.  The neat thing about Incredible Pizza, though, is that there is a lot more than pizza.  There's a whole buffet and there were lots of senior citizens eating lunch there, which I thought was really neat (and smart of the restaurant!).  Tyler thought it was neat that one of the prizes he got at the ticket counter was a bracelet that said, "God's Team".   You don't see that very often in restaurants - yeah for Incredible Pizza!

After eating, we went to pick out Tyler's new glasses.  He's worn glasses since he was 18 months old and pretty much each pair has looked the same, just been a little bigger.  However, the last pair we got six months ago, neither of us liked.  They looked okay, but never stayed adjusted and seemed too big.  We went searching for a new pair and this was the first time Tyler has cared about what he got.  He picked these out on his own.  I gave a little bit of advice on color, but he wanted something that looked different.  I was hesitant, but by the time we got home, I was sold on them, too!

Special days, one on one, are rare for our family and probably are within your family, too.  It's difficult trying to find individual time with each child and also for the parents to spend time alone together.  Most children and parents want that time together (or they should, anyway).  They need that time together.  We have to make an effort to have time together.  We have to plan for these times.  They won't just happen.  We must make them a priority.

Think of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.  God wants a close relationship with us.  We need that close relationship with Him.  Just as it's sometimes hard to find time for each other within a family, sometimes it's hard to find time to be alone with God.  We have to "make" that time.  It should be a priority in our life.  It's not just going to happen on its own.  We have to schedule it.  We may even have to get rid of something else in order to have that time.

Special days one on one:  Definitely something to be grateful for!  To find out what others are grateful for go to Heavenly Homemakers as Laura hosts Gratituesday.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cool glasses!

Susan Tipton said...

Great story and great reminder to wait patiently during the trials.

I'm so glad your son's vision was saved.

Retinapathy is a danger of my 3 year old's condition but so far he has no sign of it. We think it may be due to the unusual diet he was on as an infant- which is now a "treatment" but we didn't know it at the time.- God's hands.

Jen said...

I loved this post. My husband started last year the father child night out. He takes one of our three children to supper and then for a nature walk. It gives them a lot time to talk. They love the one on one time. Have a great day!

A.Marie said...

Cool glasses; they look really good on him. He has good fashion sense! :)

One-on-One time with our children is so precious, isn't it? And, thank you for the reminder that our Heavenly Father wants that time with us, also!

I am getting one-on-one time with teen son now, since he has to have 50 hours drive time before he can get his license. I love when he wants to drive at night and his Dad is too tired...that way, I get to go! Just talking to him, and hearing what he has to say, it so neat!

But, you know boys...he'd rather be with his Dad, but good-old-Mom will do in a pinch! :)

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