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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Little Criminal

Yesterday was our school's 100th day of school.  In celebration of this day, the 1st grade class did lots of fun activities.  Our youngest child, Tyler, is in the 1st grade, and apparently the teacher had them write a little story about what they would do if they had a $100 bill.  I didn't see this note until a little while ago when one of our other children brought it to me.  I'm a little worried that we may have a little criminal on our hands!  And, my post yesterday was about "stealing", too - oh, no!

If you can't decipher his note, here's the translation:
If I had a $100 dollar bill I would collect more money and steal all their money.  And Go to Disney World and buy a car.  Get anything that I want I can buy a cake...and give some money to my uncle Ken and put a penney in his ear and give some more money to Zachary and Jacob of course Lauren.  Thank You.

It would be great if Disney World would only cost $100 or a car, wouldn't it?  I need to explain the "Uncle Ken" and "penny in his ear" part.  His Uncle Ken does a trick with a coin and it "appears" that the money is coming out of the ear.  I guess Tyler wants to increase his $100 to even more! 

I like how he is willing to share with his siblings, Zachary, Jacob, and Lauren.  They would appreciate that, I'm sure.  However, I was a little concerned about the "stealing" part so I asked Tyler whose money he was going to steal. He said he didn't know.  I said, "Tyler, you know it's wrong to steal, right?"  He said, "It's just a joke, Mom." 

Oh, good!  I guess he's not trying to be a criminal after all! (ha ha)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love the penny in the ear!

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