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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running on "E"

It may sound really strange to most of you, but I think it's fun seeing how far I can go on a tank of gas.  I've mentioned before that my husband spoils me in some ways - such as the fact that I rarely have to get gas myself.  He almost always keeps the van full for me.  However, occassionally, he doesn't check it and it gets low or I have to go several far places in a few days and it gets low before he checks on it.  If the kids are with me (especially the two middle boys) they are quick to look to see how much gas is in the tank if I'm behind the wheel.  They don't trust me because they know I'll drive as far as I can past the "E"!

It's kind of a game to me.  I've looked up in the book that came with the van and know that I have 2.1 gallons left when the gas light comes on and "dings".  So, that's about 38 miles.  I keep track of that so I know I can make it back home from wherever we are at the time. So far my game has worked.  I've only run out of gas once in my life and that was before our children were born and it was on the outskirts of town.   Of course there are some times I realize there's just no way I can make it and I have to stop and get gas - but not often.

Running on "E" may work in a vehicle.  I may be able to get by with doing that forever.  But there's one place in life that running on "E" will never work and that is in my spiritual life.  Running on "E" - not filling up with God, with Jesus, with the Bible, with prayer and meditation - will quickly deplete my fuel and cause me to break down.

A stranded vehicle that's run out of gas would cause me problems.  I might have to wait for help.  I might have to walk for help.  I might cause myself to be late for something or some other trouble.  But, a spiritual life that is stranded - a life that is empty of any spiritual fuel will make my life totally wrecked.

Running on "E" in my spiritual life isn't a game I should ever play.  It's serious business.  It would not only affect my life now, but could effect my eternal life as well.

Let's all make it a priority to "fill up" our spiritual lives and never run on "E".

Happy Friday, everyone!

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