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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something to Think About

Have you ever thought about what you would have done if you had been the first man or woman God created?  Would you have taken of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?  Or would you have resisted Satan?

A few weeks ago, during a Bible study time at our congregation, a visiting preacher made a keen observation.  Adam and Eve didn't make it past the first chapter in the Bible without sinning.  He said, kind of jokingly, "I think I could have made it to chapter 4!"

It's interesting to put ourselves in the shoes of those who lived during the Bible times and think about what we would have done if we had been in those same situations.  It's easy to say that we would have done better - that we wouldn't have sinned...that we wouldn't have denied Christ....that we wouldn't have betrayed Christ.  But, maybe we would have.

Think about people in the Bible and the stories you know about them.  Whose life resembles yours?  While there are many great examples in the Bible of people we might like our lives to resemble, of course the ultimate one we should all strive to resemble is Jesus.

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