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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

K.Y.M.S. (Again!)

“The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered. Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.”
Proverbs 17:27-28

K.Y.M.S. Do you know what that means? I am pretty sure I've entitled a blog post with this same acronym before, but in case you haven't seen it or don't remember, it stands for "Keep Your Mouth Shut!".  Oh, what a great thing to remember to do that I often forget....or do!

In physical growth, children love to look at a mark on the wall and see how much they've grown year after year.  There is one mark, then a little above that, another mark.  Every time they measure they can see growth for many years.  In our spiritual lives, we can't physically put a mark on the wall, but it is good to examine ourselves often and see just how we are "measuring up".

When I think about my 20's or even 30's, I cringe about some of the things I said.  I would say whatever popped into my head (and that isn't good to say whatever is in your head!).  And my mid-40's, I still mess up.  But now, these years later, I do often think about what I'm going to say or should say before I say it.  It doesn't mean I never say the wrong thing because I do all of the time, but now....I say the wrong thing less.  I can see that I've grown and matured as far as my words are concerned.  But I can keep going and maturing in this area.  For me, it will most likely be a life-long growing because it will probably never end.

I love reading about the words and the mouth in the Bible.  It steps on my toes, for sure, but it reminds me of the work that needs to be done in my life.  The good thing about it, though, is that the Holy Spirit will help me in this growth.  I don't have to do it alone.  Neither do you!  Whatever your struggle is - the Holy Spirit can help you with it, if you are a baptized believer in Christ!  The Holy Spirit is your helper.

Sometimes in our minds we say, "I can't do that!".  We say, "That's just the way I am!".  Well, if we are a child of God, it's wrong for us to say that!  GOD says HE will help us change and grow to be more like His Son, Jesus.  That is His will for our lives.  So for us to say "can't" just simply means we don't believe God can and will do what He says He can do.  Sadly, a lot of the times, we don't want to change.  We want to be the same. We don't want to work at something, but just continue doing what we've always done.

Each and every day I pray, "God, please help me use my words wisely".  He does His part, but I must do my part.

I have a brother-in-law that I admire (well, I have several that I admire, but this one for this reason).  When he's asked a question, he doesn't respond immediately.  It actually bugged me for a long time!  I would want to say, "Hurry up! Answer!".  But he wouldn't.  He was thinking.  Like I should do!  And for someone who is impatient in this area, waiting for an answer is torture!  But, what wisdom there is in thinking before speaking!  How many problems would be alleviated if we just took the time to think before speaking?

So today, I begin again with this same prayer.  Today I'll strive to grow more in this area with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Today is a new day.

Thank you, God!

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