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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

50's Themed Junior/Senior Banquet - 2016

Our son is a Junior this year - the class that is in charge of decorating for the Junior/Senior Banquet. Several years ago, his class decided to do a 50's theme. They wanted something different that is usually done. (Sorry about this post being all messed up! I uploaded pictures a different way and can't figure out how to adjust the location!)
Some new class members moved in. Some moved away. The theme was voted on in early January of this year, and preparations were quickly made to make the 50's theme a reality. I had been planning it in my head the whole time, actually, just because I love the 50's and was looking forward to doing the theme; however, I had only bought a couple of things for the anticipated arrival of my son's Junior year. I didn't want to jump the gun! This banquet had a "party" feel....more like a step back in time to a simpler life. I think almost everyone felt that way about it. Just relaxing, even though the decorating (at times) wasn't so relaxing. In fact, a few things were quite stressful! But, it worked out. It always does. The only hiccup in the evening was that the very most classic cars that were coming to help transport the class members from one place to another, didn't get to come because of severe weather threats. They did bring old cars, so it worked out, but the 50's classics would have been even better. (One was still from the 50's.) My son served as Emcee for the event, being the President of the Junior class. He, along with a few others, sang some 50's songs. Then he announced the "game show" part of the program. That was really fun having the Juniors compete against the Seniors in a 1950's classic game show called, 'Beat the Clock'. It's about the same as our "Minute to Win It" games now, but the games aren't always a minutes. They were played with simple things, too, such as cups, string, balloons, dowel sticks, balls, and paper plates. It was lots of fun! We had a nearby drive in come with their food truck to cook classic cheeseburgers and fries for the meal. They were even excited! An old fashioned "candy buffet" was set up with 50's era candy stocked up. The candy was placed in the classic cardboard car centerpieces. That was lots of fun! Dessert was a sundae bar. Servers for the evening dressed in classic 50's attire and did a wonderful job making the evening fun and assisting with the games. The booth was borrowed from my nephew and made a perfect addition to the decor!  It was a wonderful evening! Lots of great memories were made! As Ronnie Milsap sings, "Lost in the 50's"....we were....just for that night.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I love how you did the hallway - hadn't seen that one yet!

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