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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zachary's Graduation and Party - May, 2015

It feels kind of strange for half of our children to be out of school, but as of Sunday afternoon, that has happened!  Our second oldest child, oldest son graduated as one of eight Valedictorians for his class of 19.

This class has been competitive from the beginning.  They loved trying to get the highest grade and do the very best in anything they did.  But they got along well, too.  They were and are a super-talented group in many areas - academics, sports, public speaking, art, and just in gifts and abilities.  
Zachary and the other Valedictorians gave a speech about one or two minutes long. They used the word SUCCESS, each taking one letter to come up with a word to be the theme of their speech.  The first person told about the word success.
Zachary was awarded his diploma by his dad because Joe had previously been on the School Board.  That was pretty neat!
Photo: The parents and the grad.
Photo: The graduate and his family.
Photo: The graduate with his mom's side of the family.
The graduates throwing their hats!  I really like this picture!
Photo: Zachary's Trinity Knotted Tie! He YouTube'd to figured it out!
Photo: The eight Valedictorians.
We had a graduation party the day before his graduation. About 40 people attended the party. It was a lot of fun!
We are so proud of this young man! He has truly been a joy to raise. We say he was born a little man. He really was.  And being almost 19, it's like we have been raising a young adult for several years. He certainly didn't need much parenting.  He sometimes "parents" me! Ha ha!
Photo: Grad with Grandma and Grandpa
I couldn't have made it in time for the graduation party, or any of the events during the few days before, without my mom!  My husband and family always help, but without her help, there would have been a lot of undone things and a lot of dirty things! Dad helped run errands, too! Thanks to both of them!
Photo: Grad with Grammy
We're proud of you, Zachary!  Congratulations on your graduation! We look forward to seeing where God leads you in the future!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It was wonderful and such an exciting time for Zachary. He'll never forget your love, time and dedication to him.

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