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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Oklahoma 2A State Golf Tournament 2015

(THS Golf Team)
For the second year in a row, the THS Golf Team competed in the State Tournament.  After placing 9th out of 12 last year, the Tigers were looking forward to moving up in the tournament.  After "Day 1", where they were disappointed in their performance, they were ranked 8th.
(Our family, minus the oldest.)
"Day 2" was much, much better!  The boys played great! The weather was warmer, which made it even better!  The THS Tigers ended the day tied at 6th....shy of their goal of "Top 5", but still pleased.  
"Day 1" the boys played 36 holes.  They walked an estimated 10-13 miles!  They ate late, then went to bed, just to get up early the next morning and play another 18 holes.
My two boys had some great memories.  One of them I saw. The other I didn't.  My husband and I take turns watching the two boys, who are #1 and #4 bag, which means that there are two teammates between them. Unfortunately I can't watch both at the same time!
I was watching #4 and he had a chip shot where he couldn't even see the hole.  It went up over a small hill, rolled, then seemed to stop, then began rolling again and went in! I screamed! He yelled! Everyone - even the opponents, their parents, their grandparents - were so excited!  It's fun to see no matter who does it!  And then a little bit later, #1 did it...on the SAME hole, but from the other side!  The difference was that he actually could see the hole.  Those shots will be etched in our memory forever because they are rare!  

On "Day 1" as I drove the cart towards the last hole of the day, I began crying. It was sad thinking that it was #1, our Senior's last high school golf tournament.  I didn't want to think about it. My husband was sad, too.  But yesterday, as we went through it, we weren't sad.  We were just thankful to have been there and thankful to have watched him play for all of these years.  He helped the golf program at our school become what it is.  Without his interest, his younger brothers wouldn't be interested.  Without him wanting to have a team, we might not have had one.  So, yes...we're sad it's over.  But we are especially thankful that it happened.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cool! Love how he led out to help establish a new sport team for Tipton!

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