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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


(So sorry for my lack of blogging lately. (No one may care, but I care! Ha! It's a time problem, but more importantly, a computer problem.  My computer is FULL.  I can't save any files, and I've had a hard time storing them on the external drive.  I think it's almost finished storing....after 9 days!  So, I still may not have the time to blog, but at least when I do, I can! It's been really frustrating!)

We're excited in Tipton!  In the past week, our sports programs have had great success, yet again!  My boys played in the Regional Tournament for golf on Monday...the last one they'll ever play together.  They were 4th out of 12 teams and that qualifies them to go to STATE!
This is the second year in a row that these boys have gotten the opportunity to play at the State Tournament.  Last year they were just excited to get there. This year they hope to be in the top five at the end of the tournament.  The top three would be great!  The champions?  Well...that's probably out of reach, but you never know!  They compete next Monday and Tuesday.  We're ready for it to be here now!

Although neither of my high school boys play baseball, we're extremely excited that the high school baseball team made it to State for the first time in history of our school.  (Actually there is evidence that a team MAY have gone in the 50's...It's being checked out.)  But, wow!  To go to State and win the Championship in football....go to State in baseball and golf, not to mention in power lifting and's been a great year for the Tipton Tigers!

This Senior class is extremely talented.  We've known since they were little bitty that this would be a great ride in their sports careers and it has been.  Although we're excited about the groups coming up, as well, there will most likely never be another group like this who has such a high level of natural athletic ability.  Two of the Seniors have been on all four of the ball sports State teams.  One of them got hurt in football, so had surgery and hasn't been able to play the others. The other one plays everything, and plays them well.  He's going on to play football in college.

The article above was written about this group of athletes.  It's a great write up about them.  Of course, as parents, it's been fun.  As fans it's been fun.  As a school and community it has been fun.

What a great year!  There's not much these Tipton boys can't do, for sure, when it comes to athletics!  We've been blessed. 

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That article was really neat and so glad for your little town! Small town pride is really special! Mine isn't so small anymore and has changed a lot. Makes me sad sometimes but I still love it.

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