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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Value of One Person

After three weeks of being gone most of the time, I'm excited to be slowing down a little bit! However, I wouldn't trade the weeks of camp at all. It's such a special time getting to be around lots of kids who are eager to grow closer to God and to learn more about His Word! And the singing - well, I'm pretty sure it's just like it will be in Heaven!  I miss that singing! :)

Yesterday I was out of town, taking our oldest son to FFA camp. We worshiped in Edmond on the way, and I also did on the way back. I loved this thought from the preacher: "One of the greatest qualities of a disciple is to be present to the person in front of you." Then he told a story that had this simple, yet profound, question: "Don't people ever take the time to think about other people?". And a few final thoughts: "God honors the ministry of reaching out to one single person. Every person is important."

Are you ever "not present" for the person right in front of you?  Your spouse? Your child? Your parent? Your employee? Your student?  Too many times we're in too big of a hurry to think about the people around us.  I think of the Biblical phrase, "brothers, this ought not be"! Because it shouldn't be that way, should it?! We should be available - totally - for those around us.

One person does matter.  They matter to God, and they should matter to us!

This week, take the time to value that one person. You may be the only person who seems to take the time for them, and it may mean everything to them!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It's something I greatly admire in my college roommate. I struggle with this!

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