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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday, Zachary!

Wow!  Eighteen years old!  That's just amazing!  How is it possible that our second child is that old?  The years have flown by, but we have enjoyed every moment of it!  He's been a true joy to raise!
 Since we always seem to be heading home or on vacation during Zachary's birthday, he's always fortunate to get to choose his restaurant.  Yesterday he chose Chuy's - a Mexican food place we had heard of for several years, but never been able to go to.  It was GREAT!
 We began his birthday in Ruiodoso, NM, so we stopped for muffins at a great little bakery called, The Cornerstone Bakery.  The kids posed for a "silly" pose in what they call, "THE LOOK". I'm not sure how sticking your tongue out is "the look", but I let it slide for this silly picture! :)
Lunch was especially neat because we got to eat with my parents as we were passing through Lubbock, TX!  Zachary was fortunate because Grandma made him a chocolate sheet cake and brought it to the restaurant!  He'll have his family birthday party this weekend, so will enjoy another cake that day.


You really have been a joy to raise.  You have been and are a wonderful son. We can not imagine life without you in it!  We thank God for the blessing of YOU.

When I think back to when you were little, I laugh. You didn't talk for a long time - Lauren did it for you, but you would hum.  You and Lauren would play like you were having worship and you would hum "Jesus Loves Me".  You would scream when the door was open and you saw the trash truck! You were SOOOOO excited to see it! It was hilarious!

You wanted to drive the trash truck and be an astronaut, even saying you would fly the trash to the moon! The astronaut phase stopped when Grandma actually rented a DVD that showed real astronauts. I guess it scared you! :)  Now you want to be a youth minister. You'll be a great one! Then I suspect you'll follow the steps of your uncles and move into the pulpit minister position. You may not, but that's what I "think", as your mom!  

You will be a great husband and dad.  You're a wee bit impatient, and I have to say that I'm still more afraid to tell you that I've done something goofy in the house or with the car than I am to tell your dad, but you'll mellow (I think....I hope!) Ha ha ha ha!!! I love to tease you about that!

This past year you have grown and matured even more.  When you get up to do the communion devotionals during worship, I don't feel like you are my teenage son. You seem more like a grown man. You have always been a "little" man - even since birth, but now you're not little any more!  You don't have the wisdom of an 18-year-old, either. You are wise beyond those years.

During your Junior year, you became the sports broadcaster for your FFA Communications Team, which has caused you to be business and organization minded. It has become your "thing" and you're relied upon by other students and teachers in this area. And now, as FFA President, you will lead your chapter in a new way. You're a great example to all of your class and underclassmen.

Everyone laughs during football season about your "white short Friday" rule - no matter what the temperature! Come warm, cold, snow, rain, wear those "white shorts" each and every Friday - all the way up to the STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!  Ha ha! And, I'm sure you will next year, as well!

Thank you for being responsible, hard-working, intuitive, willing, and able to do the things that will help others.  Coach Tyler isn't sure how she will make it without you in school when you graduate. She thinks you have skills that some adults don't even have. Your dad and I have to agree! We're not sure how we'll make it without you, either!!  But, you're setting a great example for Jacob and Tyler and we know they will "step up" to the task and are learning from you every day.

This year you accomplished what you've wanted to for many years: You helped your golf team make it to STATE! What an exciting time that was!  You seem to stay calm, cool, and collected - even during those stressful, exciting times!  

I can't wait to see what God has planned for your life, Zachary. Selfishly I want you home with us, but that's not what we're raising you to do. We're raising you to be a servant for the Lord, and to do that, you'll have to go.  And we will be praying for your journey and look forward to seeing where He leads you!

This year will go fast, but it will be fun!  I know that I'll shed some tears.  But there's no place I'd rather be than watching it all happen.  I'm very, very thankful to be your mom.  

I love you to the moon and back,

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