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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who Are You, Lord?

Last night in our ladies Bible class, we were studying about Moses and the burning bush.  Moses was reluctant to do what God was asking him to do.  He asked God what he would say if the Israelites asked him who sent him.  (Exodus 3 and 4) God explained to Moses that He is the 'I AM' and the 'LORD' - meaning Yahweh.  He revealed His personal name to Moses.

We used  this poem along with our study.  The author is unknown.

Who Are You, Lord?

While praying one day
A woman asked, "Who are you, Lord?"

He answered, "I AM".

"But, Who is I AM?", she said.

And He replied..."I Am Love, I am Peace,
I Am Grace, I Am Joy
I Am The Way, Truth, And The Light...
I Am The Comforter,
I Am Strength, I Am Safety,
I Am Shelter, I Am Power, I Am The Creator,
I Am The Beginning And The End,
I Am The Most High".

The girl with tears n her eyes looked
Toward Heaven and said,
"Now I understand."

"But Lord, who am I?"
Then God tenderly wiped the tears
From her eyes and whispered,
"You are Mine."

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