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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Use It or Lose It

When our son first broke his arm the week of Thanksgiving, it was a strong arm - with lots of muscle.  He had been playing football and basketball and was very active.  It was his dominant, right arm.
Right before Christmas, the big, bulky cast was removed and this shorter, smaller cast was put on - just in time for our trip to Disney World.  Jacob noticed that his arm was much smaller and the cast even got looser as the weeks went by. (Note:  Donald Duck signed Jacob's cast!  See his signature below!)
Yesterday, after three weeks of wearing the short cast, the cast was removed!  Yippee!!  We're so excited, especially Jacob!!  His bubble was burst a little bit when he found out he would have to wear a brace for three more weeks.  He was ready to be totally done and get back to basketball.  He may get to play the very last basketball game of the season, but no more than that one.  

Jacob was shocked to see how small his arm was now.  He has muscle atrophy...the loss of muscle due to the lack of use.  It's normal after being in a cast, but Jacob doesn't like it!  None of us would!
The phrase "use it or lose it" is true.  Whatever we have and don't use - we lose.  Plain and simple.  Spiritually speaking, it is the same way.  If we don't use God's Word - by reading it, living it, and learning it - we will lose it.  Our knowledge - however big or small - will not be retained if we don't review it from time to time.  If we want to grow spiritually, we must continue to "feed" and "exercise" our minds by reading the Bible, memorizing the Word, and applying it in our lives.

When Jacob saw his arm he was shocked and is anxious to do something about those muscles!  He's anxious to use them again!  Shouldn't we be shocked if we were to see our spiritual lives diminishing?  Hopefully and prayerfully so.  Actually, hopefully and prayerfully we don't get to that point where we see any lessening, but are constantly striving to grow and build that strength.

Examine your life daily.  Examine it by God's standard - by His Word.  Don't let the "use it or lose it" ever apply to your spiritual life.  Grow in Him.  Build up your strength through Him.  God loves you, and He wants you to continue loving Him, too! 

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