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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is the BEST!

In the recent months, our son Jacob has been using this phrase often, "This is THE best ____________________ ever!". Usually he has been talking about watermelon...comparing one to the other. We've teased him for saying that each time as he explains his food "rating". We also tease him because when he's saying that he sounds just like his dad.

My dad uses that same phrase a lot and it's always involving some food. For example, if dad finds a really good chicken fried steak at a restaurant, he might say, "That's the best chicken fry I ever eat." (Yes. I realize that that sentence uses improper English, but remember it's a quote. You can't change someone's quote!) And then, by my dad's standards, that chicken fry has been dubbed as #1 in his ratings...and more than likely he'll be heading back to that place again before long.

It's kind of beneficial to have food critics who rate what is good and what is not. Of course, we all have differences of opinion, but those who take the time to analyze the meal or food give others an idea of what to expect or maybe advice on what to buy or order.

I was thinking about all of the different religions of the world and how different they are from Christianity. I'll give you a "Jacob and Dad" rating of Christianity: It is THE best! But, not only is it the best, it is the ONLY ONE. It is the truth. It has been since the very beginning of time. God planned for Christianity even before the moment He began creation with the words, "Let there be....".

No other religion has God, who is the Creator of all things and who has given us a plan to live with Him in eternity. No other religion has a Savior who was born, lived on earth for 33 short years, gave His life on a cross, and was raised on the third day for people who loved Him, but also for those who despised Him. No other religion has a plan of salvation that is going to save on Judgement Day.

Yes, Christianity is truly THE BEST!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Funny Jacob! It's interesting to study about other world religions and see how Christianity is above all others.

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