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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mystery Trip 2012

This year's annual "Back to School Mystery Trip" was a lot of fun!  My husband and I planned to take the kids to visit his brother and our sister-in-law, who moved from here several years ago, to Marble Falls, Texas, were he serves as youth minister.
We picked up the kids right after school Friday and headed south. Because we're close to the Texas border and because I had told them to pack their Texas Rangers' shirts, they figured we were going to Texas, so that wasn't much of a mystery. The mystery was "where" in Texas. Texas, as you all know is BIG! The kids guessed the Dallas area, but after going past several Dallas/Ft. Worth exits, they soon figured out we weren't going that direction.
Several hours down the road, they figured it out. Half of our family had already been to Marble Falls in the past, but the other half hadn't. We enjoyed the trip, enjoyed visiting with family, had lots of highlights!
The first stop was at a "pretty" convenience store.  We were impressed with it, anyway!  Much different than most convenient stores!  The second stop was at Hard 8 BBQ in Stephenville, TX.  No plates used - just trays!  You get your meat outside where it is smoked.  YUM!
Here, son Jacob, is enjoying his corn on the cob with a LOT of butter on the cob and on his face!
Saturday morning we played miniature golf in Marble Falls.  Here are the cousins taking a photo break before going to the next hole.
Saturday evening we traveled to Round Rock, TX, to watch the Texas Rangers' minor league team (Express) play baseball.  The mascot was so funny and cute!
The Express won the game - came from behind!  This photo is of our children after the game and fireworks show. 
This picture was Sunday morning before heading to worship.  It was great worshipping at Marble Falls, TX! 

We headed back to Oklahoma after eating yummy Italian food, finishing the trip with a family worship time in the vehicle (I love these times singing, praying, reading scripture and having devotional thoughts together!).

Thank you, Ken, Michelle, and kiddos for the fun time!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like fun! I love the pic on the bridge!

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