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Monday, August 29, 2011

My Other House is Cleaner

I remember being at a funeral years ago and hearing a statement about how clean this particular woman kept her house.  I commented to my husband afterwards that that statement wouldn't be made at my funeral.  I also remember his reply, "That's okay.  I would rather you be known for doing other things for others than for having a clean house."  You know what?  I would, too!

Now, I'm not talking about a filthy home.  I'm not talking about never doing housework. In fact, if you ask my children, they would say I/they clean all of the time....but, the Mary Poppins spit-spot, immaculate home that I can only dream of will not be a reality in our household - at least until the children are grown. (Oh, but then there will be grandchildren!) Or unless Mary Poppins decides to move in!

I'm talking about "messes" from time to time.  Messes from doing thing for others.  Messes from providing meals for my family and for others.....for the sick, for the needy, and just for fun.  Messes from doing things with our children and for taking time to be together as a family.  Messes from having a family. Messes from not having enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I could keep a clean and tidy house 24/7/365, I'm fairly certain.  Yes.  I could do that if that was the only thing I was committed to.  If I never volunteered my time to serve others and to help others in our school, in church work, and in our community,  I would have a super-clean house, but I wouldn't be using my God-given talents in service to Him.  That service sometimes means giving up my time to do what I "want" and instead offering my time to others in need. The Proverbs 31 woman could do it all.  I must admit that I can't.

There is good news to my house keeping downfall, though!  It's the reason for the title of this post. " My Other House is Cleaner" is a popular home decor saying, but it's also a very true saying.  As a Christian, our other house (home) is HEAVEN!  It's clean!  It's super clean!  It's super tidy!  And I am looking forward to that other house some day, aren't you?

(P.S.  There will be no dishes to wash, no laundry to fold, no floors to mop. And the best part - it's paid for by Jesus.  Let's go! :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. 
John 14:2

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love it! I feel the same way when I read the obituaries and see what some think is important to say about their loved one's life. I hope they will say about me that I used my life up being a servant! (Not to my house!)

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