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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fishers of Kids

Last week, the first Wednesday school started, we began a new Bible class for our 1st - 6th grade students.  We're calling it "Fishers of Kids" and actually getting quite a bit of our material for FREE from (Thank you, Fishers of Kids, for your website!)
My husband (shown in top picture) is the deacon in charge of the class, so will be teaching the majority of the lessons.  He's using this old, old visual aid that was made by his granddad, Albert Trent, who preached for over 50 years!  Many people all over the country remember learning off of this original first type of powerpoint (as we refer to it!).  It's worn and a little smudged, but the children don't mind one bit!
The students spend the hour-long class time learning Bible facts, singing, praying, and having fun while learning more about God's Word.
It's especially fun getting the adults to help with skits!  This skit went along with the "Read Your Bible" theme we did last night. Great job to these fine actors! :)
And here is Leroy....the puppet.  He's always learning a lesson about God's Word in an interesting way!  The kids really like Leroy!!  (Thanks Renee' for helping with this part of our lesson!  You're doing great!)
Teresa read a tweaked version of "The Three Little Pigs".  This version taught the students that reading the Bible was a sure defense against the devil.  (Thank you, Teresa!)
Another website we are using is one that I've used many times for class and for VBS - Danielle's Place. (  I have a subscription to the site, but many things are free.  The students made this "God Aids" (like Bandaids) with little bandage scriptures to keep handy for any kind of problem that might come along.  Danielle's Place is an awesome website for crafts, activities, and even complete lessons.

Our oldest three children have also helped with skits and other adults have helped with puppet shows and the crafts.  It's great getting people involved in different ways and this way is great because it's helping our children learn about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

So exciting!

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