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Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Disney World Vacation - Clutter and "Stuff"

Because there are six of us in our family and to save some money, we rented a house in Kissimmee, Florida.  We did the same thing in 2008.  The two houses have been within 10 minutes to Disney World, so it's not far, but the advantage to renting a home is being able to have many meals at the house.  Another big advantage is having plenty of room and a washer and dryer.
This rental home was cheaper than many hotels would have been.  The only catch is that most rental homes require a minimal seven night stay.  We stayed ten nights.
We chose this particular home for the way it looked (mostly me....I like to see how they're decorated) and for the game room (mostly for the kids, of course).  We especially liked the Mickey Mouse decorated room for the younger two boys.
The kitchen was equipped, though the "equipped" part was lacking in this particular home.  Still, we were able to have all breakfasts and several main meals at the house.  We also took sandwiches for lunch or for snacks to the parks each day.  Disney doesn't mind their guests taking in food or water at all (probably even bottled soft drinks would be okay).  Taking snacks and water saves a bunch at the parks.
When  we arrived at the rental house, we were excited to see the rooms.  You'll notice that it's decorated, but there is NO CLUTTER!  That is such a great feeling!
There are not piles of junk mail, no mounds of laundry waiting to be taken care fact - no piles of ANYTHING!
The garage/game room is neat and in order.  The floors are clean.
Beds are made.  The boys rooms are without toys, trash, and "stuff".
Everything is neat and tidy.
But then WE arrive.  Then we bring our STUFF into the home.  We buy STUFF.  We collect papers, pamphlets, Disney World memorabilia.  We get our clothes dirty.  We cook.  We live.....and pretty soon.....there's "STUFF" and CLUTTER all over the place.  JUST LIKE HOME!
We even sent a Christmas tree and other decorations to the home to make it seem more like home and more like Christmas. (Yes, more stuff - boxes of stuff!)  Of course, at the end of our stay, it was up to us to get rid of all of that stuff.  Much of it came home with us.  Some of it was mailed home.  Some of it was thrown away.  We de-cluttered the house before we left so that it could be cleaned and ready for the next house guests.
I was thinking about our lives when we first become a Christian.  At that moment, our lives are uncluttered.  They're made clean by the blood of Jesus.  Our sins are washed away...all the "stuff" is gone.  But sometimes, little by little, we allow clutter and "stuff" to come back into our lives.  Sometimes this is deliberate. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes some of it is beyond our control.
Each January brings a new year.  For many it brings commitments to live differently in some way (diet, exercise, Bible reading, deep cleaning a room, house, etc.)  Maybe now is a good time to de-clutter our lives?  Maybe there is some "stuff" we should get rid of?  Just as our Florida vacation home began with just the bare necessities, but began filling up with "stuff", maybe we should take the time to analyze our lives.  Maybe we should take the time to get rid of all of the things that get in the way of our Christian walk.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love the application. I always enjoyed staying on site because of the perks you get, but we did always have a very cluttered hotel room! I can see the advantages of having a nice sized home!

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