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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Everything Without Complaining...

It seems impossible at times, doesn't it - to do EVERYTHING without complaining?  It seems like it's impossible, anyway.  Or at least it does to me!

Sunday my husband preached both at the morning worship and the evening worship.  The evening lesson was based on the same verses at the title of this blog is based - Philippians 2:14-15.

"Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe."

Apparently everyone listened intently to the lesson, as my husband outlined the various types of complainers.  I'm sure most, if not all, of us could see ourselves in at least one of the descriptions. 

All week people have commented about the complaining lesson.  It seems that it's being used to point out to others when they are complaining, whether at a ballgame, at school, or in individual homes.  A friend commented that she needed to hear the lesson again....something about dealing with an armadillo eating her pansies and dealing with an insurance company!

Adults have talked about the lesson, but it's been interesting to hear the children and teens talking about the lesson, as well. Our own children have mentioned it and have said that their classmates at school have mentioned it.  Even our youngest, Tyler, used it on me this morning.

I was helping him take his asthma medicine and saw one of the prescription pills on the floor.  I said, "Tyler, make sure you don't drop those pills.  They cost too much and we need to be careful with them."  He replied, "Mom, Dad's lesson said not to complain and you are complaining about that medicine!"  Well, he was right - I was - but I think he was using that out of context just a bit! 

Another story I heard about the complaining lesson was with one of the cottages at Tipton Home, where my husband works.  After the Sunday evening lesson, the house-dad of the cottage was "complaining" about something that his girls were doing.  They said to him: "We're going to tell Mr. W (my husband) about you complaining."  His reply?  "Well, if you do you will be complaining about me!"  Yes, very true - they would have been!

It's great to see the word of God being taught in such a way that it is reaching the hearts and minds of the kids, as well as the adults.  Sometimes we may get the impression that the younger ones aren't paying attention, but they really are.  Their minds and hearts are soaking in all of the information, which makes it even more important that we are teaching them and telling them about Jesus, as well as showing them Jesus.
They want to know and we must tell!

So, back to the complaining.  I have to admit that I have to work on this issue daily.  From time to time I get out a complaining jar.  If anyone complains, they have to put $1.00 in the jar.  I think it's probably something I should keep out all of the time - just to make us aware of the complaining that comes from our mouths.

In order to "Shine Like Stars" we must combat complaining.  What are some ways you combat complaining?  Let me know!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I TRY to keep my mouth shut a lot more nowadays. I might think it but don't say it. Just gets me in trouble. I told my DH the other day when he was trying to do some plumbing work and it wasn't happening the way he thought, "sorry about that" instead of "I told you so." It irks me that the money was wasted on parts, but I just figure that one of these days he'll realize... :)

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