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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elementary Reindeer Christmas Party

Every year our PTO hosts the elementary Christmas party.  Because I like parties, it's become my job to plan the party each year.  I gather supplies and then have helpers at the school who help with the party.  This picture is great to me, because I actually had room for everything in the back of the new-to-us Expedition! That made toting all the "stuff" to school so much easier.
Santa came to visit the school today to take pictures with each student.  Our youngest son, Tyler, is the only one of our children still in elementary school.  That seemed so strange today!  The oldest three were exempt from semester tests, but got up early and helped with the elementary party.  They didn't complain and actually looked forward to helping today.  Thank you Lauren, Zachary, and Jacob!  I appreciate you very much!
A friend and I made the sugar cookies and the students decorated them at one of the stations during the party.  The reindeer plates and napkins were so cute!  (Hobby Lobby) The mug was for hot chocolate and the students took them home as a little gift.
 At another station, the students made popsicle stick reindeer ornaments.  I blogged about this craft on the recipe blog the other day.  Click here for instructions.
Students were able to make reindeer food to sprinkle out on the lawn on Christmas Eve.  We used oatmeal and colors sugar crystals.
Reindeer games were "Ring the Reindeer" using the five blow-up reindeers and the insides of small embroidery hoops.  I'm not sure any antlers got rung, but the kids had fun trying!  They also played Christmas word bingo.
The reading station featured several reindeer-themed books, such as the traditional "Rudolph", as well as "Olive, the Other Reindeer."
Tyler's class, as well as all of the other classes donned their antlers and red noses for the group pictures. The antlers and noses were also provided by the PTO as gifts for the children.  They were so cute, however, they were ready to take the red noses off....not too comfortable!
I'm known as the "Party Lady" by many of the kids.  That's okay.  I like that title and that job, but, most of all, I enjoy hearing the students laugh, play, and have a fun day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Today, as the students saw their tiny little reindeer mugs, they were so excited!  Just a simple little inexpensive thing and they were excited.  They were proud to wear their antlers and play games, decorate cookies, and little to a story.  Today the students had FUN.  Today they were just kids.....not have to study and learn and try to make a certain grade (not that I'm meaning that is bad, but kids need breaks, too.)  Today special memories were made at Tipton Elementary.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Great job party lady! I'm having my own little party with my little neighbor friends tonight!

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