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Thursday, August 11, 2016

1st Day of School!

It's "back to school" for our two youngest children.  They were actually excited, but not necessarily for school.  Jacob is excited because he's a Senior this year, and Tyler is excited about football and FFA.  Neither are excited about the academic/learning part! Ha ha!  I suppose that's typical of most teens.  Actually it's probably true of many/most adults, too.  I know in our small town football is highly anticipated this time of year!

Because we had two extra weeks of summer this year due to our school ending in early May for budget cuts, it actually seemed like a long summer.  Those two extra weeks were great! I wouldn't mind us doing that all of the time.

It is also nice that the two college kids are still home.  It makes it not so quiet and lonely on this first day of school.  They'll be leaving soon, then I will have to get into my regular "school time" routine.  I usually get there after Labor Day.

I pray that these two boys have a great school year.  More importantly, I pray that they let their lights shine brightly for Jesus.  I pray that they are kind and compassionate to others.  I pray that they look out for those who may be sad or lonely.  I pray that they stay on the straight and narrow path.  And I pray that they always know that I am praying for them each and every day.

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